What The Heck Is Derma Roller And How To Use It For Better Beard Growth

Do you want to have your beard fuller and thicker? You tried everything to make your beard grow faster and fill those patches, but still, you didn’t get the result as you expected? Having less growth in a specific area of your face is the cause of patchy beard, and having a quality of hairs and maintaining your beard is the two things that make your beard stronger and fuller.

Here I am going to tell you something about a product which can make your beard grow to its fuller and dense quality. Using this product precisely the quality of your beard hair improves too, and if you tell your friend, they might freak on you, and may call you a crazy beard fanatic guy.

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This product aggregates your beard growth, giving a chance to regrow its hair at a faster rate. Though, there are a few precautions you have to take care of before trying it which I will clear in the next few seconds. So the product I am talking about is called “Derma Roller aka micro-needling”.

If you have a patchy beard or struggling to grow your beard hair, I am sure, you might have stumbled upon the product called “Derma roller” and now you are wondering what that thing is? How does it work on your beard to accelerate its growing speed?

Well, in short, Derma roller is nothing but a small roller that consists hundreds of tiny needles that run over your skin to accelerate the blood flow to give you a fast, easy solution to fix your patchy beard also help your beard regrowth quality.


What Is A Derma Roller?

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Derma roller is also known as “micro-needling”. Derma roller is a tool created to increase the supply of collagen beneath your skin by creating temporary canals. With this tool, it penetrates into your skin at a certain level (epidermis) to make an illusion of injury to your body. This way your body start healing those canals with enough supply of collagen to heal that injury. With the increase in blood flow and collagen, the growth rate of your beard is boosted. Derma roller not only boost your beard growth, but also help in reducing your acne and blemish skin.

This micro-needling instrument is a lot more popular among the females, but for past few years, it is building its popularity among the gentlemen’s grooming club due to the fact it can benefit men to boost their beard growth at a faster rate to fix your patchy beard which can cause due to lower growth rate of your beard hair.

Below are Derma roller benefits that you can get from Derma roller.

  • Reduce wrinkles.
  • Lessen the scar tissues.
  • Accelerate the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Rouse hair follicles
  • Increase the supply of collagen that helps in beard growth.
  • Increase the blood flow to keep your skin healthy and smooth.


Derma roller is not a male mandatory product which used for only beard hair growth, you can use in general too to boost your blood flow and have beautiful acne-free, blemish free, and healthy skin.

For last few years Derma roller for beard growth is making its presence among men. Many men use Derma roller along with the hair growth product called “Minoxidil” which is one more product that assures you to regrow your hair in the patchy area of your beard. About minoxidil, there are plenty of provided results available that proves it slow down the balding process.


Does Derma Roller Have Any Side Effects?

Talking about micro needling benefits, As long as you keep the roller clean and sterilized, It won’t give you any side effect. Apart from a little redness and spots, Derma roller does not do any harm. Using the roller precisely is a key for healthy drama rolling. It means, lift the roller on completion of each direction, don’t turn it in a new direction without lifting it, it will tear your skin and cause you an infection.


How Does a Derma Roller Make Effort To Encourage My Beard Growth?

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The job of Derma roller is to pick the layer of your top layer of facial skin called epidermis. Your body accepts it as an injury and it starts healing. Throughout the healing process, the collagen is carried by your body to fill that injury.

Collagen, elastin, and keratin are components that boost facial hair growth. Among those, collagen and keratin are the two components that are mandatory for your beard growth.

Collagen is a type of protein your body requires to heal the skin injury, it also helps in keeping your skin and hair, healthy, supple and elastic.

There is a various way to make collagen available in your body, you can intake collagen in the form of gelatin powder, just mix it in water and drink. Another way to have collagen is to apply minoxidil, it is a prescription that assured you the solution for hair loss. Minoxidil has hundreds of clinical studies where it is tested specifically on hair growth.


How To Use Derma Roller On My Face For Beard Growth?

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Now it’s time to roll it over your facial skin. As a general rule, roll in each direction 10 times. Never put a lot of pressure when you roll over your skin. Keep the pressure at a minimal level not so high not so light. Roll 10 times crossways, left, right, and down on your neck area.

On each rolling, lift the roller instead of just twisting it to a new direction. Twisting will damage your skin and give you an infection. After completing the needling process, Your face fills with redness due to increase in the blood flow to that specific area.  Give time to settle your skin like around 5-10 minutes. During the micro needling process, if you feel pain or discomfort, stop it immediately. If you are using beard oil along with Derma roller, you can apply it in next 5-10 minutes.


Should I Shave Before Derma Rolling?

If you are a non-bearded person, shaving prior to needling works best. In the case of a bearded person, Microneedling works more efficiently on a short beard. Long beard hairs tend to tug in derma roller which may cause you inflammation and ruin your skin as well as your beard hair.

The main purpose of drama roller is to poke the facial skin under the epidermis and puncture your skin to give way for collagen in order to increase the blood flow to help you to grow your beard faster, the long beard does not give the full access of penetrating into your skin. Short hairs make the puncturing process easy without any tugging.


Is It Safe To Use Derma Roller Every Alternate Day?

Using a Derma roller frequently can mar your skin, and give injury to your face. Often using can seriously damage your hair follicles, and can give you result in having the fragile quality of hairs.

In the beginning, using a Derma roller every two weeks is advisable. It will help you in noticing the result, whether it is positive or negative, according to that you can go with a routine in the future. Depending upon the tolerance of your skin, you can use micro needling every week to see the effective outcome.


How Do I Get Ready My Facial Skin Before Derma Rolling?

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Washing face perfectly in advance is one step toward getting a good result from Derma roller. Washing face with warm water help in opening the pores of your facial skin, which make access to beard oil easy.

Washing with a good face wash is an additional point in making Derma roller to roll smoothly. If you have the beard of 6 inches or more, I suggest you trim down for micro needling to do its job more effectively.

Long beard tugs in Derma roller while rolling, which lead in pulling and tugging of hairs. Not mandatory, You can apply beard oil before Derma roller, the idea is to thrust the oil into the skin when you roll it. For safe, go with 0.3mm  Derma Roller.



What  Size Of  Derma Roller Is Best To Use?

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The standard 0.3mm size of the Derma roller works great.  To get the best result, I recommend choosing a stainless steel roller over titanium. Stainless steel is more convenient to sterilize compared to titanium. On the other hand, titanium roller last longer compared to the stainless steel roller.

Having Derma roller of 0.3mm will give you mild collagen supply, It’s fine NOT going with 0.5mm or more,  you don’t want Derma roller needles to poke your skin too deep and cause any infection. Rolling with 0.3mm is a safe and sound method to see noticeable results eventually.


Can I Use Derma roller with Minoxidil?

Yes, you can, but still, depending upon your preference. Both methods of before or after does not have any side effect unless you use Derma roller size of more than 0.5mm.

When you roll the Derma roller, the channels are generated on a temporary basis by Derma roller which closes within 30 minutes. So, if you are using minoxidil in conjunction of Derma roller, Apply minoxidil immediately after 10-15 minutes after rolling to let minoxidil absorb into your skin at its own speed.

On the other hand, if you don’t want go in a hurry, wait at least 12 hours before applying minoxidil. Many people have seen a positive result using minoxidil along with the Derma Roller. Minoxidil hit the bloodstream quickly that offer a push to your hair growth. If you use the needle size of 0.5mm, the pricking of needles is deep compared to 0.3mm which give minoxidil deeper access which can give you an unwanted infection.


Is Using Minoxidil 5%  Safe with Derma Roller?

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Minoxidil revives the lazy hair follicles to stop hair loss and stimulate them to grow new hairs. I will advise, to begin with, minoxidil 2% every alternate day, if you do not notice any irritation or itch, you can start applying minoxidil 5%.

Well, What do I use first, the Derma roller or the Minoxidil? The Derma roller significantly increases the absorption power of the skin. It creates a channel in your skin, which closes within 30 minutes,  to get the best result, Applying minoxidil immediately (after 10-15 minutes) can give you a noticeable result, Some people wait at least 12 hours before applying minoxidil.


How To Clean Derma Roller?

You don’t want any infection and treat your skin safe. Always sterilize your micro needle after the session. If you don’t want to go for the long process, you can just run the Derma roller under the hot water faucet and later keep it for air drying.

If the short process does not satisfy you with the cleanup result, you can go for long but a lot safer process. At last, you don’t want to take up any risk with those needles, right?.

Things You Need

  • A plastic or ceramic container
  • Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Paper towels
  • Hot Faucet Water (You can have hot water even in the big jar to pour over the Derma roller)


Fill the plastic/ceramic container with warm water and stand the Derma roller upside down (needles down).  Don’t let the Derma roller needles come in contact with plastic/ceramic container wall.

Leave the Derma roller in that position for 15-20 minutes. After 15-20 minutes, pull out the Derma roller and put straight under hot running water. If your faucet not having hot water take hot water in the jar and pour on the Derma roller needle head.  This way you remove all the dead skin and debris that is stuck during your session. But still, the Derma roller needles NOT sterilize fully.

Next, take a bowl half filled with isopropyl alcohol. Put the Derma roller in that bowl, make sure you cover the Derma roller head fully under the alcohol. Leave the roller there for proper 40-50 minutes. After 40-50 minutes, pull out the roller and make the roller stand facing it needle head up on a paper towel to get it dry.  Once it is dry,  place the Derma roller back in his storage box that you got during purchasing.


Can I use Dettol To Clean Derma Roller?

If it is difficult for you to find the isopropyl alcohol (You can buy this alcohol from here) Yes, you can use Dettol to clean your Derma roller.  Take one medium size bowl, pour one cap of Dettol and add some water in it. Fill the bowl half with the mixture, put the Derma roller in a bowl and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

After 10-15 minutes, pull out the Derma roller and make it stand facing its head up on a paper towel for air drying.  After drying keep the Derma roller back in the storage box.


What NOT To Use To Sterilize Derma Roller?

Boiling Water: High temperature of the water can damage the needle of Derma Roller.

Milton: This is a  sterilizing fluid which will decay your Derma roller needles.


Does It Bleed During Derma Rolling?

There might be less bleeding, you are puncturing your skin, you may see a reddish skin over the rolled area due to the increase in blood flow. Bleeding is common in Derma roller process, so don’t get panic.

Note: If you have a fresh break out, I advise not to perform Derma rolling, It will increase the chances of spreading bacteria.


Can I Apply Coconut Oil  After Derma Roller?

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If you are not using any beard oil or minoxidil,  go with coconut oil. . After using with Derma roller, the area is easily accessible to absorb the nutrients, this is the best time to apply coconut oil to pass its nutrients to your skin to help in your beard growth. There are plenty of benefits you get applying coconut oil, coconut oil helps in forming the collagen supply to heal the scars, also holds the smoothing property. The inflammation in the skin after Derma rolling can be diminished using coconut oil. With the presence of lauric acid, coconut oil work as antibacterial. Coconut oil prevents bacteria from spreading because of antibacterial property.

If you want to go for another oil, you can use castor oil. Here you can read all the benefits of applying castor oil in detail.


How To Choose Perfect Derma Roller?

By now you might have cleared all the questions and doubt regarding Derma roller, now you want to buy the best Derma roller but don’t know how to choose the best one. You don’t want to buy the Derma roller which is cheap and won’t last for long. Here I will guide you on how to pick the Derma roller wisely.

  • Know Your Skin

Derma roller pokes your uppermost skin layer “epidermis”. The epidermis is a  layer of your skin followed by dermis and hypodermis. Needles of derma roller penetrate in the epidermis to increase the collagen to boost your hair growth.

Needles with 0.5mm or more hold, the chances of puncturing your skin more deeper. Picking up the needle size of 0.25-0.30mm is good for your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, performing a Derma roller session can cause you irritation and redness.  For sensitive skin, people use Derma roller under dermatologist guidance.


  • Never Judge On Its Price

Many people say “the more expensive is the product, the better quality”. Don’t fall for this saying and start picking up the expensive Derma roller just because they price high. Due to an increase in demand, cheap and fake Derma roller is making its place in the market under disguise look. Always buy from the authentic retailer.


  • Read Lots Of Reviews

It is the consumer who decides if the product meets their satisfaction level or not, To confirm the excellency, functionality, it is sensible to take part in forums and read a lot of the reviews especially of those who are the manufacturer. Reading a lot of reviews get you the questions which you never thought before. As of now, the most reliable, valuable Derma roller is one manufactured by Dr. Roller. But, you can check The Best and genuine manufacturer of the Derma roller here.


Titanium Vs Stainless Steel Which Is Best?

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Titanium is a metal made up of titanium alloy. Titanium is a strong, light and decay-resistance. If you compared it with stainless steel, titanium needles are stronger than stainless steel Derma roller. This strength of titanium roller gives their advantage to the smaller size of needles of the Derma roller (0.20mm, 0.30mm). With this strength, size, of needles titanium Derma roller, suits best for the hard type of skin.

On the other hand, Made of iron and chromium, stainless steel Derma roller is best to use. Due to its anti decaying, rusting, and anti-ruining properties, stainless steel used in making many tools which penetrate into your skin such as surgical blades, tattoo needles, etc.

If the Derma roller slip or fall down from a noticeable height, titanium needles have NO to very little chance to get them to bend, unlikely in stainless steel, the needles get bent easily after falling from a noticeable height.

Having a robust and durable Derma roller completes the half level of satisfaction of the consumer. In the case of titanium, it rarely loses its elite status for long run compared to stainless steel. But, every elite thing or robust things have some drawbacks.

The titanium Derma roller needles are not as sharp as stainless steel. This is because sharping titanium needles to its exactness is very difficult. Due to less sharpness, they fail to penetrate your skin effectively to show its result. They often leave the skin with irritation which can mar your skin or invite the infection. On the other hand, stainless steel Derma roller needles are very sharp and penetrate effectively.

Derma roller needles are designed to penetrate into your skin, so one must take the question of hygiene very seriously. Due to its inbuilt cleanliness, stainless steel is more hygienic compared to titanium Derma roller. Titanium needles are NOT inherently clean, no exception even for the copper, gold, silver-plated titanium Derma roller.

I am not judging titanium cleanliness, but it takes a lot of efforts to clean and sterilize them. While performing the session, Derma roller picks up a lot of dead skin and bacteria, to clean those and refrain them getting into your skin titanium Derma roller requires thorough cleaning.



Final Thought On “Titanium vs Stainless Steel Derma Roller”

If you notice, what doctors tools are made up of? What the tattoo artist needles are made up of? The answer is “Stainless Steel”. I will recommend you to go with stainless steel Derma roller. Its stress-free to clean and sterilize.

The stainless steel needles are very shrill to penetrate into your skin to give it effect. On the other hand, titanium Derma roller needles are sturdy only if you use 0.20mm or 0.30mm size to penetrate into your skin, and the sharpness of needles are not to its full exactness. Taking the factor such as cleanliness and toxicity level, I recommend you to go with stainless steel. Stainless steel holds a zero percentage of toxicity.

The titanium Derma roller is sturdy, Having sturdy Derma roller is important (Stainless Steel is also strong enough) but it’s not that important compared to the cleanliness and toxicity level, after all this tool, is going to penetrate into your skin and you don’t want your beautiful skin to catch an infection or disease.



While using Derma roller, one thing has to keep in mind, it has to be sterilized properly to avoid infection and spread of bacteria which can seriously damage your skin. If you choose the biggest size of. MM in Derma roller, the deeper it penetrates into your skin, and if that does not suit your skin the more time it will take to heal. As a beginner, having the standard 0.3mm of the Derma roller I say is the best choice to see its effect eventually. The process of showing up result in 0.3mm might be slow but it’s more safe and sound. You don’t want your facial skin to suffer long injury, right?  Derma roller can fix your patchy beard with a huge noticeable result with the conjunction of beard oil or minoxidil. If you struggle with the beard growing issue, Derma roller is definitely the thing you should try.


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