11 Sturdy Grooming Hacks For Gentlemen

Grooming is something that every gentleman out there should know about everything that makes them a perfect real gentleman. Today we going to learn the perfect grooming hack that will give you intellect on personal hygiene which we considered is the most important step of grooming.  Let’s check few hacks on grooming routine.


Neat and Clean Nails

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Always keep your nails trimmed. If you using a clipper, use it after a shower. After shower nails are soft and smooth.  To take out best, use nail file after done with a clipper. Nail filing will give your nails a good shape and avoid the very tiny spikes to pop out.

No More Ice Covered Balls

Look does matters. But if you pong bad down, you are a big NO for women and you don’t want that right?  Avoid using talc or menthol powder, this type of powder turns your sweat in to sticky stuff and  make it look like ice-covered balls. Smelling bad down can lower your confidence too. Using quality ball powder keeps you dry and fresh smelling where it needed.


Increase Blood Flow

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Cold water shower or shave is less in irritation. It also increases your blood circulation to the other body parts to keep them warm and it’s healthy too. Having cold water shower every morning will provide you more time on self-polishing.


Less Is More

Washing your hairs everyday is upright to pull out the first and sweat that glued on your air. But did you know overwashing your hairs can make you balder? Well, its true fact countless people don’t even know and don’t care to notice either. Washing head hairs often lead to dry scalp and dry hair. Wash hairs until you really NEED. Wash it 3-4 times a week.

Using shampoo for hairs can lead them to dry faster and make your hairs look l dull and fizzy. Instead, use flat beer as an alternative to shampooing. Washing with beer will give you smooth and healthy hairs. It won’t make your hair smell like beer, so just relax.

If you reside in a humid area, probabilities are your hair find hard to tame it down. The solution for this is, use hand cream for fizzy hairs. It will tame it down for a longer period throughout the day.

Zebra Neck

Nobody want to look like zebra while walking right? Having hairs on the back of your neck can give you a nickname like “Zebra neck or Horse Neck”.  Get purged off hairs on your back of the neck, it will give one week to avoid barber and save your money too. I advise to use the trimmer to remove hairs of back neck, But if you remove hairs by yourself, make sure you use shaving cream and a hand mirror to shave it down perfectly.

No More Itchy Beard

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You just started mounting your beard and you feel very strong urge to itch it badly. Itching is the first reason many people give up growing beard. But if you have patience and wish to solve the issue you can come over with the solution.

Condition your beard along with your head hairs. Beard conditioners are different then head hair. Conditioning your beard keeps your beard moisturized, which makes it less itchy. to know more about beard care  click here 


Brother Of Shaving Cream

Want an alternative for shaving cream to have some variation in your shaving routine? Use conditioner or cooking oil to shave it, yea you read right!! Cooking oil or conditioner will give the same effect of shaving as you shave with shaving cream, It will also prevent razor burn. If you hesitate to use cooking oil, use Oliv oil.

Sister Of Conditioner

Conditioner play vital role in holding the sebum oil that your face supply to its hairs. Using shampoo can make your beard hairs dry and it strips down its natural oil.

If you are into the traveling lot, you may notice your beard hairs  get dry easily and lose its shine too. For that purpose, use some body lotion or cream. Body lotion holds almost the same ingredients that one conditioner holds. So you get the same effect as you get using hair gel for beard or hair.

Alternative For Moisturize

There is no doubt, everyone wants to look young. In fact, Having moisturized your skin on daily basis definitely a must go routine. It feels amazing when someone says you look younger than your age. Moisturizing your skin from head to toe really give your skin a  young look. Hydrated skin always shines and its smooth. Moisturizing your skin maintain its elasticity.

If you having a bath with hot water it is healthy for you to moisturize your skin immediately after a shower. Hot water shower tends to dry your skin faster, Applying Olive Oil has moisturizer works best. Its give you skin shine and supply of essential vitamins that maintain your king elasticity.

No Toothpaste? NO Problem

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Run out of the toothpaste? How irritating is that!! A real gentleman always brushes his teeth every day twice to avoid gum cavity and bad breathe. Bad breathe really make you smell bad while having the conversation, especially with the women’s. Bad breath can turn them off very easily.

Just in case if you run ou off the toothpaste,  there is one quick hack for that. Use baking soda with a small amount of water. Baking soda is one of the first methods of home remedies on how to have white teeth at home. Add ½ spoon of baking soda to water and brush it. Brushing with baking soda will give a similar result as your toothpaste gives. It will give you fresh and clean mouth breath.

Eyebrow Grooming

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There is a saying  “ Always look into the eyes of the person to whom you are talking”  But wait, what if they see your fully grown thick eyebrows and they notice its dancing moves as you gesture with your eyes?  That’s totally weird!! For fixing this, you should keep your eyebrow trim and shape.  If you are into a weekly routine to maintain your eyebrow, chances are your eyebrow will grow out like spikes at the end of the week. Hack this with simple hair gel. Use hair gel to set down you thick eyebrows.  Hair gel works great to set your eyebrow a without making you look like a retro old aged vampire with big thick eyebrows.


With the given article above it’s clear having a robust grooming hacks in your  routine will never let you down at any circumstance and maintain your confidence at par no matter what you face. Grooming perfectly is just not a trend. It is a manly lifestyle.  Never lose the grip of your presence.

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