Complete Men’s Face Grooming Guide: How To Wash Your Face Properly

Even if you blessed with the good-looking natural face skin, Fumes exist in the air, bacteria crawling on your face skin, pollution, allergy can make your face skin worst. Face washing or routine of your face care is less talked subject in the book of men’s face grooming guidebook.

Many men tussle with the issues like acne, dryness, oily skin. Even, the surrounding atmosphere plays a vital role in making our face to lose its shiny and fresh look.


Why Should I Wash Face Twice a Day?


The common rule of men’s face grooming guide is to wash your face is two times a day, one in the morning, and second at night before you hit the bed.

But why to wash your face twice a day and not more? Washing your face often throughout the day or night can mar your natural face moisturizer that helps in keeping your skin hydrated, resulting in the dry skin which can make your face skin to have breakouts and fine lines. It is always healthier to stick with the “twice a day “ rule rather than developing breakouts.


Why Is It Essential To Wash Face Every Day and What Benefits You Get?

men’s face grooming guide
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There are numerous factor contributing while washing our face to give you its health benefits. Below are few health benefits that you acquire from regular face wash routine.

  • Eradicate Dead Cells              

Everybody hates wrinkles. Presentation of fumes, air pollution and other toxins in the air can hustle up the aging process. As a result, it gives your face wrinkles, dull face, fine lines.

The common benefits of the cleansing your face on a regular basis is, it eliminates the stockpile of the dead cells. Remove the dead cells to gives your face a fresh and healthy look. It also gets freed from impurities and unwanted dirt.

Seldom washing your face can really lead to piling up the debris of dead cell that can able to produce enough thick layer of dust which can restrict the cleansing product to get access to your facial skin. 

  • Improve Hydration

Water is the main content to keep your face smooth, clean, and wrinkle-free. Face skin required water retention to keep it hydrated. Lack of retention and imbalance of Ph level which is important in keeping your facial skin hydrated your face skin can give you dull, wrinkled and aged skin.

  • Clear Skin

There are numerous micro sebaceous glands on your face skin that produce sebum oil continuously to defend your face from external harmful agents. The sebum oil wanders all over your face surface.

The less sebum oil production can invite bacteria and can also cause inflammation and acne.

Regular washing your face can clear your pores giving the access to sebum oil to reach out to the surface to wipe off the impurities and unwanted dirt.


Should I Wash My Face Every Night?

Your face skin needs oxygen to heal itself overnight. In this busy schedule of life, many men do not hold sufficient time to give close attention to their face, but no matter how much busy you are, always give a little time for your face skin care routine.

Always wash your face before you hit the bed. Hitting the bed devoid of washing face can block the natural process of exfoliation of the skin. Studies have come up with the result of washing your face at night can restrict the foreign agents in contributing to your aging process.

Existing of sebum oil, dirt, dead cells can increase the size of the pores. It can lead to skin inflammation and can produce collagen breakdown. Collagen is important for keeping your facial skin healthy.

At night, face skin temperature rises which extricates its water retention properties which cause your skin dehydrated. Washing face at night improves the water retention properties of the skin to keep the face skin hydrated throughout the night.

 Benefits of washing your face at night

  1. It inhibits excess oil which can cause acne and breakouts.
  2. Dehydrate skin tends to dry quicker which can result in wrinkles. Washing your face at night helps your face skin in keeping it hydrated.
  3. Helps in fighting acne.
  4. Makes you look younger
  5. Make your skin shine and less tired.


Hot Water or Coldwater Good For Face Wash?

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Washing face with hot water in deserted area or region is like splashing hot coffee over your face and yelling around. But, does the temperature of water matters? Well, yes.

Clarifying in scientific term, hot water [Luke warm water] opens the pores and giving access to more deep cleanse. On the other hand, cold water shrinks the pores to defend your skin.

The best practice is to wash your face with light little warm water first and close the task with a splash of cold water. ‘



Should I Use Soap To Wash My Face?

 Is washing your face with soap is a good idea? I will say always preferred to have separate quality face wash rather than soap. Lots of quality soaps available for face, but many soaps contain alkaline, alkaline is the substance that can disturb the pH level of your face skin which can result in marring your face skin. General pH level should maintained between 4-6.5 but washing face with soap can take the pH level up to 7 and in addition, it makes your face drier. People having already a dry face skin should refrain from using soap for the face.



What is My Skin Type?

Pick out your face wash cream according to your skin type, to figure out what skin type you have, simply follow the things on a daily routine of your grooming. To check with it, take this test and result in it out.

  • Test1: Take shower but don’t apply any face wash or soap. After the shower crawls your hand on your face and feels your face skin, if its dry, your face skin falls under “dry skin” category.
  • Test2: If you haven’t observed yet, after taking shower observe your face skin, is it showing reddish small rashes or spots on your face after a shower? If yes, your skin falls under “Sensitive skin”.
  • Test3: After the shower, you do not get any reddish skin or dryness on your face skin, that’s “normal skin”.
  • Test4: Is there oil on your face all the time? If that is the case, your face is “oily face”. Having oil at the moderate level is no harm to your facial skin. But having too much oil could be invitation to the acne.


How To Wash Face Properly?

men’s face grooming guide

You think splashing some water and rinsing it off with a soft towel is the best process to wash your face? Well, think again. Here are few rules that can give you the idea to perform the routine perfectly.


  • Keep It Last

Keep the face washing task at the end of your shower, If you look, from the perception of the face skin, many men put on shampoo or soap to wash their hairs, after washing their hairs the residual soapy water travel through your face which can give your facial skin a chemical reaction that can affect in breakouts, itch, acne

  • Warm Water

Having warm water splash while washing the face is always a healthy idea. As I said, warm water opens the pores of your face skin to give the access form in order to get a deeper cleanse.

  • Gentle

Take out a small amount of face wash on your hand and rub it until it produces a good-looking thick small amount of lather.

Rub it all over your face gently up to your hairline and down till your neck.Be Gentle while washing your face, Face skin is thinner compared to another part of body skin.

While rubbing the face wash, don’t rub too hard. Once done rubbing let the lather sit there for 15-20 seconds to let it penetrate into your face skin to give your skin deep moisturizer and other benefits which its holding.

  • Upward Motion

Rubbing your face with fingers is the best natural process, but if your face is more acne prone, you can use soft wash towel for rubbing your face. The soft towel also works as an alternative method for exfoliating for your skin.

Always wash your face circling your finger upward over your cheeks. Utmost men tend to pull the fingers down while washing face, doing this can result in saggy face skin. lastly, end the process with rinsing off with cold water to shrink the pores.

  • Apply Moisturizer  Immediately

Once you pat your face dry with soft towel make sure you keep your face damp slightly, Apply your moisturizer immediately on your damp face.  A damp face will assist your moisturizer in penetrating into your skin more effectively to work with its ingredients. It will stay there and make your skin look like bit greasy.

  • Use Soft Towel

Lastly, If you have oily or acne-prone skin, always and always dry your face with soft, clean towel. The soft towel helps in absorbing the water at max level and less harm for acne prone face. It is a better idea to keep one separate wash-towel only for your face. Hang on your face towel in an open area where it can dry quickly. Highly Damp towel hold chances to attract bacteria, germs.


How To Take Care Of Your Face Properly For Normal Facial Skin

Check above, I mention the tests to observe your type of skin so you can choose the product according to that.

  1. Have a lukewarm water to wash your face which smears off the debris of dead cells that are having a sunbath on your skin.
  2. Be friendly with your facial skin while you massage it. Be gentle.
  3. Rinse off with plain water and use a good soft towel to pat it dry.
  4. Apply a good quality toner using cotton balls.
  5. In addition, apply serum holding anti-aging and moisturizer properties to keep your face hydrated all the time.


How To Take Care Of Face Properly With oily Facial Skin

Sebum oil is the oil that defends your face from foreign agents. But, if the composition of the sebum oil is too much, then considering a weekly facial wrapping is healthy. Using lemon juice and water for your oily face can maintain the pH level of your face skin. The Process is simple.

  • Take one fresh lemon with enough juice in it.
  • Squeeze it to the core and take out of its juice to take most out of it.
  • Add water to the juice and apply on your face using a cotton pad
  • Rest it for 5-10 minutes and finish the process with rinsing off with cold water.

Applying lemon juice and water keep your face garden-fresh and restrain it from getting over-dry.

Precautions to take for the Oily face.

  •  Use Cleanser with alpha-hydroxy acids

Face wash containing alpha-hydroxy acids which support in lessening oil in the pores.

  • Avoid often Face Wash

Washing your face often can wipe off the natural oil of your face.Often washing can make your facial skin too dry and can result in breakouts and acne and can even make it worst.

  • Moisturizer

Having excessively oil is an issue but having a general amount of oil is good for your face which assists in keeping your face clean and clear.

I know it sounds little weird to add additional oil to your already oily face but adding quality moisture cream will not supplement extra oil, as a substitute, it will work as an assistant to remove the smear from your face.

  • Clean Hands

Bacterial contamination can make your oily face worst. Men are more into gadgets and one thing they ignore, smart phone contain more bacteria than their own finger, Bacteria present on smartphone screen glued to the fingers.

Touching your face with that bacterial finger could be contagious to your face. Wash your hands before washing your face.


How To Take Care Of Your Face Properly With Dry Facial Skin 

Having a dry skin is like a nightmare and maintaining the dry skin without having breakout is more tough job compared to oily facial skin. There are certainly few working tips that you can take as a precaution to not let your face get too dry if you having already a dry facial skin.

  • Your skin is your friend, don’t treat it with cheap quality products. Start using a good hydrating product. The skin of dry face usually gets tighter after cleansing, cleanser purges all of the natural oil at excess amount.
  • Deficiency of sebum oil can result in your facial skin dry more quickly, Use a quality product with fragrance-free and organic oil like jojoba oil, Argan, almond, avocado oil which assist in supplying the required essential oil properties to your facial skin.
  • Choose the face wash wisely. Choose specifically that suited only for the dry facial skin.
  • Try to avoid too foamy face wash for dry skin. Face wash that produces large amount foam tends to wash out the excess amount of oil and can make your face too dry.


Should I wash my face often If I have the dry skin?

The answer is NO. Wash your face twice a day. Avoid using soap that contains Alkaline material. Dry skin tends to produce less sebum oil which is essential in keeping your face hydrated as well as free from attacking foreign agents which can give you itchiness, acne, and breakouts.


How To Take Care Of Your Face Properly With Acne Facial Skin

Taking care of the face with acne is more complicated than any other type of skin. Sudden breakout of acne can make the skin situation worst.

Refrain touching your hands often to the face, especially if its holding acne on it. Bacteria on your fingers could easily transmit to the acne which can result in n breakout of acne with puss and itch. Here are few precautions you should take while washing acne contained face skin.

Step 1: Use face wash specially made for the acne-prone face.

Step 2: Never touch your finger or hand directly to your face. Wash your hands clean before you wash your face. Bacteria is contagious. Facial skin is more sensitive to bacteria.

Step 3: Take out your favorite face wash and rub all over your wet face. Rub it gently until it starts producing good and thick lather which is essential for deep penetration to show its effects.

Step 4: Don’t over scrub.Over scrubbing can break the acne which can make the face skin worst. Over scrubbing can literally imbalance the pH level of your facial skin that can result in wrinkles and breakout and fine lines.

Step 5: Washing a face with acne is very complicated, but the taking care of water temperature while washing the acne face is always good. Always use lukewarm water to wash off your face.

Step 6: Stop using that hard thread towel. Use some soft Turkish or any soft towel while patting it dry.

Step 7: Use a moisturizer that grips the properties to fight acne.



Dos and Don’ts  For Correct Face Washing

Men's face grooming guide
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  • Bacteria is contagious. Always wash your hands before you touch your hands to your face for cleansing.
  • Get into a habit of washing face twice a day.
  • Go for natural products which are skin-friendly.
  • Use good quality of moisturizer.
  • Wash your face only after you did washing your hair.



  • Too hot or too cold water can give you red marks due to the breaking of facial sensitive veins. Too hot water purge all the natural oil that required by your face to keep it shiny and younger-looking glow.
  • Don’t treat your face like a crocodile skin while scrubbing. Scrub it gently.
  • Never use the product that leaves your skin dry throughout the day.
  • If you are using same soap that you used to wash your body than it’s always good to keep two separate soaps. Body washing soap is little harsh to skin compared to facial skin.
  • Refrain from purchasing chemical-trickled products.



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