What Does Beard Oil Do For Facial Hair Growth & How To Apply Beard Oil

It’s very hard feelings when you see those flaky and dry hairs of your beard and one small little confusion pins up its head in your mind on how to nourish your facial hair growth to prevent it from getting flaky and dry?

The secret of having a healthy and smooth beard is to care about it. Caring our facial hair is one of the most essential yet tough job. But it can done with no trouble if you know the perfect way to handle and look into the matter very closely.

There are few methods to take care of facial hair growth during the process of growing beard, one of those is applying beard oil.  Beard and oil march hand in hand when it comes to shielding our beard and keeping it clean and dandruff free.



What Does Beard Oil Do For Your Facial Hair Growth?

facial hair growth oil
                                                                                          Beard Oil


Your head hairs need styling and grooming, same goes with the beard. Beard hairs size and shapes are different then head hairs. Therefore, it needs special attention to give the diversification.

It does not matter if you have thin or thick beard hair.  Beard oil assist in maintaining the style and shape. Beard oil keeps your hair soft and smooth to make combing process easy

Made up of using Jojoba oil, Argan oil, and another blender of essential oil  Beard oil is used to address the solution for itching, dryness, and sensitiveness by entering straightway to the follicle. It acts as double agent, it makes the beard look shinier and less flaky.  Beard oil assist in having skin hydrate and softening the facial hair.

Is it ok if I don’t apply beard oil? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple.  Our human body produces a type of oil to nourish our face skin if the production of that oil is lesser our beard hairs tend to become dry, flaky and start to have split ends. If you skip applying beard oil, eventually your beard will suffer.


Why To Apply Beard Oil?

Human chin part produces lesser sebum. Sebum Oil produced by our skin. It is a substance which keeps our face skin fungal-free. In very simple words, sebum is a skin oil and  It acts as a defender of beard hairs. The less creation of sebum the skin get more itchy, dryness.

Deficiency of sebum can motivate cracked beard, split-end hair of the facial hairs. When we apply facial hair growth oil aka beard oil it works as imitator along with the sebum oil which then mingles with it to give soft skin, dandruff free beard.

Pro Tip:- Every time buy quality beard oil, refrain from buying the beard oil that holds comedogenic materials similar to coconut oil. Beard oil containing comedogenic ingredient can leave your face greasy and gluey.

  • It help in Fighting Beard Dandruff

The primal reason to cause dandruff is using cheap beard oil, skin infection. Before using beard oil you should determine the exact reason for itchiness to get the best treatment.

But, don’t underestimate the power of beard oil. In many research study, beard oil has proven its ability to fight with beard dandruff. Beard oil DO fight beardruff. Before proceeding to understand the body mechanism.  I will tell you on what basis our beard start producing beardruff.

There are sebaceous glands at the root of your hair follicle. The role of sebaceous glands is to supply enough oil to your face skin to keep your face hydrated and shiny. The oil is known as Sebum Oil.  It is very easy to supply the sebum oil for sebaceous glands until the facial hairs are short, but the process of supplying sebum oil becomes complicate as the facial hairs grow longer.

Here approaches the vital role of  beard oil, the beard oil carry the sebaceous duty of distributing the sebum oil and give the defensive layer of sebum oil for longer beard hairs which help the hair to hold the water and refrain from them from getting dry and itchy, In absence of beard oil it can eventually consequence in having dandruff.

  • Help To Prevent Itching

If you are in the middle of the process of growing beard, within the few weeks you have no control over your hands which are craving to scratch your facial hairs.  To understand the exact reason of itchy beard, you need understand the reasons behind that itch.Firstly, Poor maintenance of the beard might be another reason for itching. The lack of moisture restricts the skin to produce sebum oil that results in dryness and itchy skin.Secondly, Shaving with prickling beard can make the itching feelings worst.  The shaft of the hair holds end angle that causes the not-level cut of these ends while using a razor on itchy beard. As a result, facial hair growth direction grows as a spiky.Thirdly, Not combed beard may cause the itching. Fixing daily schedule of grooming your beard to manage the beard should be essential.Using the Quality beard oil can really help you from getting rid off from the itchiness. Dry skin usually results in itchiness in the beard. Beard oil supply sebum oil to keep the facial hair enough healthy and smooth to keep your beard away from the itch.

  • Dry, Wind & Moisturization

Dry and windy location can adversely affect the facial hair growth.  Windy and dry weather can increase the lack of miniaturization in the beard. Applying beard oil on regular basis will give beard oil chance to work as a coating. Beard oil coat the beard hairs with its properties and prevent your beard from getting dry.



What is the Perfect Way To Apply Beard Oil?

By now, you know how the bread oil works and what role it carries to promote your facial hair growth.  Now you eager to apply your favorite bread oil which you have on your shelve!!  So let see how to apply your favorite beard oil in very simple steps!

  • Warm Shower

No person will enjoy warm water shower if he living in a hot location like me!  The very first step is to have a warm shower. But still, it’s all depending on your location.  But, to take out the best of beard oil, warm water shower is preferable.  The steam and heat released by the warm water motivate to unblock the pores.

PS: You can wash your face with warm water instead if you living in very hot weather state or country.

  • Dry Pat

We all know oil and water never blend. After having a relaxing warm water shower, dry your face with a soft towel.

  • Pump it out

Pump up it out your favorite beard oil. But how much is how much? Check the below chart and apply according to it.

Months Of beard Growth                      Drops

1-3                                                         1-3

3-6                                                         2-5

6-12                                                       4-6

  12 +                                                       6-10


  • Massage

After pouring oil according to the growth of hair length, rub it likewise and gently with both hands. Now, massage the beard with oil very gently, don’t be too abrasive. While massaging, starting from the skin, massage the oil upward into the beard and moving outward. Always try to reach to the skin beneath of the beard to reach from root to tip of the hairs.

  • Use The Surplus Oil

If you accidentally pour oil more than necessary then you can have a massage on your face skin too!! yes! A Quality beard oil with Vitamin E will do surprise effect on face skin too.

  • Brush it

Once completed with massaging, now its time to give your beard a brush line. Using a boar brush or a quality wooden comb specially design for beard will keep the beard hairs smooth and refrain from having hair web.


But, How Often Should I apply?

facial hair growth
                                                                            Image Credit: Press24.Net

Using Beard oil everyday Should be Essential? This is question will strike in your thoughts once you start noticing the charming effects of beard oil. While applying beard oil, there are other numerous factors to consider, like your location, the length of the beard. Though, I knew a small number of people personally who put on beard oil twice a week.

Many men are busy and don’t hold much time for applying beard oil on regular basis or they just don’t know how frequently to apply the beard oil.

Applying 5-7 times a week is the general usage of the people. But personally, I apply beard oil twice a day because of my coarseness.  But yet again, to get the superlative effects, use the beard oil twice a day.

The best time to apply the beard oil is in morning right after having a warm and relaxing shower. Warm. water opens the pores that give access to the skin and roots to the facial hair for beard oil. Never apply beard oil at night



Here is the conclusion that comes up with after reading the article.

  • Beard oil stimulate facial hair growth
  • It encourages the thickness
  • Preclude dryness
  • Handling beard itching
  • Make softer
  • moisture the beard and skin
  • Treats dandruff
  • prevent skin infection and acne
  • Handle the hairy look of the beard



Feature Image Credit: hairblog.org

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