Killer Beard Care Tips For Your Beard To Keep It Healthy And Shiny

Sand House is hard to build,  But Easy To Destroy!!

The above saying perfectly applies for a bearded person. Efforts he gives to grow the beard, double the efforts are required to maintain it healthy and smooth.

Lack of knowledge and bad routines related to beard care can ruin the hard work you funded to manage beard.  Common symptoms like the patchy beard, brittle, itch and rashes are a sign of unhealthy beard and lack of attention. Let’s learn some common grooming beard mistakes you should avoid to keep it healthy.




Not Using Enough Beard Oil

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Say goodbye to dry hairs, welcome smooth and shiny hairs. Applying beard oil nourish your beard hairs. Many people have aberration on using beard oil as often and make them be certain of it will cause beard damage, but they are wrong. Beard oil source essential nutrients to hairs that keep them hydrated and shiny.

Making absence of beard oil, you giving chance to your beard hairs to turn them in dry, itchy & fragile hairs. Steady use of Beard oil make your beard lustrous and healthy.


Same Shampoo, Same Conditioner

The most common mistake people do is applying the same hair shampoo or conditioner to their beard.  Typical shampoo and conditioner are produced especially with concern to the scalp and head skin, not face skin and beard.  Consistent use of these products can make your beard hairs dry and make them fragile.

No Shampoo Only Conditioner

Co-wash your beard occasionally. Co-washing beard simple means to wash your beard with only using “Conditioner”. Washing with just using conditioner wash off all the residue dirt from your beard that you hold in your beard throughout your whole day. Using conditioner every alternative day is healthy. The conditioner does not wipe off all the natural oil.


Say NO to Blower

Having a royal beard and not styling it properly make you look ugly. However, the blower is healthy for beard but don’t use often. Often blowing your beard lead to dry hairs due to “hot air” which is bad for the beard. Heat released from blower makes your beard hair dry and brittle.


No habitual Trimming

If you want to control on your beard growth while you are in the early stage of it, Trimming beard on regular basis can make you do that.

Trimming top part of your cheek clean and not let your beard get too close to your eye area. If you notice the patches in your beard (bald spot) then let the beard grow and fill them up. Trimming too down will make your beard look like a patchy beard.


NO Pulling

Imagine how it look on having a hole on beard? Weird right?  seating ideal or doing nothing, unconsciously your hand go up and touch your beard and start twisting and begin to pick your beard hairs.

Pulling and twisting is one habit one has to get freed and should be a concern of this habit which is bad for your beard.

Pulling or twisting can make give you bald spot or holes in your beard. To cover up that bald spot the only option you have is either shave it or wait until the area grows back its hair.

Effect Of Pulling Your  Beard

  • Ingrown hairs.
  • Beard Waves.
  • Permanent  Growth Damage.
  • Patchy Beard (Bald spot).


Stop Plucking Your Beard Hairs

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Hate those grey hair which keeps popping of nowhere?  Beard dye is the perfect solution. But if you hate to apply any color to your beard, then note down, plucking grey beard hair can give you ingrown hairs which can give you skin infection to that specific area.

Keep OFF Your Dirty Hands

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Stroking that dark hair beard give you boastful feeling. Stroking is not that bad for your beard, but stroking often is a bad idea, ask me why?  Have a glance on your hands, are they clean after going through a whole day of work?  Generally, people don’t even notice their hand dirt before stroking beard.

Dirt on hands get access into beard while stroking and can result in you in having beardruff and acne which can give you itch which is bad for your face skin.


Beard Comb

Do you think using that cheap comb to brush your beard is perfect enough to get rid of the jumble and keep them tangle free throughout the day? Well, using cheap hair brush for beard will serrated ends which will hold up and pull your beard hairs which will sooner or later harm them.

Cleaning dust from beard is the most important thing one should do if they want dirt-free and acne free face. Not cleaning beard regularly will result in beardruff and dry hair.

Dust sucks the essentials of beard oil to make your beard dry. Using a wooden brush to brush your beard will clean the dust and help in keeping your hair less webbed.

After applying beard oil it is essential to spread the oil throughout your whole beard evenly to get all the benefits of beard oil, for that you required beard brush to do that.

Normal hairbrush bristles are same size and length which do the job less effectively. Unlike, beard brush bristles are of different length and size to make sure the oil reaches every bit of the beard. It hands out oil evenly and solves the knot hairs to make them soft.


Two Finger Rule

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The bottom part of your beard should be shaped perfectly to look good, natural and not like carved. To do that, have a two finger rule. Hold two fingers of your right hand on just top of Adam’s apple. The top of your index finger specifies the end of your neckline.  You can move up or down as per your choice if you aren’t happy with it.


Not Keeping It Clean

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In grooming, How often you look after your beard health after your dinner? Your beard is more prone to get dirty during your food time.  Food caught in your beard web sometime left un-noticed and that stink.

Food stuck in beard and left un-notice give bad odour. And you don’t want someone to give sarcasm compliment on your bad odour right?  Its become more embarrassing when the opposite sex gender points out your leftover food from your beard and you smile and joke carefree and clean up that mess just to show that it was just a temporary situation.

Most of the people gone through with the above instance somewhere in their life. But to avoid that such kind of embarrassment one has to be in an habitual routine of cleaning beard often and avoid this beard mistake.

Wash your beard every time after your dinner will make it look fresh, but also look much moreish.





Manage beard professionally not like a newbie. Grooming is not just to stay clean and hygiene for a specific period. In grooming, a small mistake can ruin your beard unexpectedly. I m sure at some point of your beard journey  you might have triggered above beard care tips and gone through it. To avoid the same mistake, get in strict routine and habits that one should go to make yourself a professional bearded man. Avoid using cheap tools, especially plastic comb which create an electricity reaction with the hair friction which is harmful to beard compared to wooden brush/comb.  While picking up beard oil, beard balm or the things essential for your beard to keep it healthy should be chosen wisely and apply at a moderate rate. Don’t apply any of the product you use for beard hairs in excessive amount.

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