Beard Growth : Benefits Of Castor Oil & How To Apply Castor Oil

Concerned about growing beard but it isn’t growing too fast? Having fully grown beard is something you hold for boasting in front of non-beard people, right? In my previous article, I have explained things about beard oil and how to apply it. But,  if you are looking for some remedies to grow your beard faster so this is the perfect article for you.


What Is Castor Oil?

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Let ’s understand first what exactly is castor oil?  It is a yellowish color oil extracted straight from caster plants seeds.  There are different utilization of castor oil apart from beard booster. It is also used for health and skin.

Regular use of castor oil can accelerate your blood flow resulting in the good amount of production of prostaglandin E2 which stimulates beard growth.  It also cleanses your pores. Usually, castor oil is used to getting rid of acne at home.


Here are the listed acids below that are present in castor oil.


Ricinoleic acid

Holding properties like antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial this acid do its best to preserve hair follicles healthy. This acid increases the blood flow and oxygen to the hair follicles.


Stearic acid

This acid gives a coat to the beard hair along with the nourishment without being heavy and greasy look.


Linoleic acid & Oleic acid
This acids works as a moisturizer and is very observant in the skin.


One thing to remember, no matter what brand of castor oil you buy, always look for below things before buying.

  • Organic.
  • Unprocessed.
  • Oil with high ricinoleic acid.


Note: These bottles are offered and labeled as “castor oil” and “beard oil”.



Benefits Of Castor Oil For Beard Growth

 Ricinoleic acid and Ricin, this are the acids that make castor oil to stand in a queue in beard category. Ricinoleic acid is kind of unsaturated fatty acid which is considered to have enough nourishment for beards which holds high absorbability rate.  It assists in process of growing facial hair and hair follicles. Apply oil lightly and gently. Below are Few benefits of applying castor oil for the beard.


  • Accelerate Hair Growth

Sometimes there are bald patches on some part of your face and it looks fussy and gloomy. Or if you suffer from hair loss lately then start using castor oil without delay. The existence of Ricinoleic acid in castor oil which increases the blood circulation which is proven to be good for hair follicle.


  • Stops Skin Infections


Castor oil holds antimicrobial assets which stop you from getting a skin infection. Castor oil fights with dandruff which can harm your hair roots and give your beard a hair loss.
Due to the presence of ricinoleic and ricin acid the probabilities of getting skin infection is minimum.


  • No More Splitting Ends

Splitting ends of the hair are the result of dry hairs. Mixing castor oil alongside with beard oil you nourish your beard hairs to make them healthy and strong.


  • Hair Moisturizer

If you are the extrovert guy and you are into a lot of outdoor activity chances are your beard hairs may not be moisturized fully 100%. By applying castor oil you can give your beard full moisturization. Castor oil is absorbed by skin quickly that helps it to keep the beard moisturized for a long time.  To uphold the texture and shine of your beard, apply castor oil after cleaning your beard.


  • Grey Hairs

As you age your body slows down its production of pigmentation which makes your beard hair grey. Consistent use of castor oil can slow down the greying process by supplementing the pigmentation to your body.


  • Prevent thin hairs

Due to fatty acid in castor oil, it prevents your beard hairs from getting thin.




My Beard Is Short, Should I Use Castor Oil?

I am just in progress of growing my beard, should I use castor oil? The answer is YES. Many people have the misconception of not using castor oil if they have a short beard or they just begin growing their beard. Using castor oil at the initial stage will help the beard hairs to keep them moisturized, strong, smooth and healthy while they grow underneath your facial skin. Apply oil daily depending upon your day activity and environment to get the best result.



How Do I Apply Castor Oil?

Castor oil is very useful to promote beard growth.  To take out best benefits out of castor oil you can mix other essential oils along with that to speed up the beard growth.


Here are a few steps on how to apply castor oil in a perfect way:-  

  • Step 1

Wash your face with warm water to open the pores which will allow castor oil to penetrate castor oil. Clean your skin and beard beneath. After washing beard makes sure you dry it up using a soft towel.


  • Step 2

Pour a few drops of castor oil in your palm.  Next, start applying oil on beard from roots and make way to the tips. Apply oil in a circular motion making your facial skin move up and down.  On first stop you washed your face with warm water that opens the pores,  moving in circular motion allow oil to get deep penetration due to the open pores.  For further applying, you can use a comb to extend the oil equally all around.


  • Step 3

Leave the oil for overnight or for few hours. Once done, wash your face and pat it dry with soft towel.



But What Kind Of Oil Should Be Use along With Castor Oil For Beard Growth?

For last few years, Jamaican Black Castor Oil which is a homemade oil made from roasted beans of the castor plant is dragging a lot of attraction from consumers due to its thickness and darker color than cold-pressed yellow castor oil.

The roasting of beans creates high level of Ph which according to some people it leaves more impact on skin and beard.  It is best if you wish to disguise your grey hairs.



Always choose castor oil from a branded label company. There are lot of beard oil that mislead people into buying the duplicate or fake castor oil which can harm your beard severely.


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