[Review] Taylor Of Old Bond Street-Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Is your shaving shelf is complete? You have the best shaving cream, brushes and all the essential that you need to be in place for your daily shave ? I suggest you to recheck and have a gaze on the shaving cream which I m going to review for you in few seconds which you can add up to your daily rotation, with slightly strong sandalwood smell that glue with you whole day (Not whole day, but still the smell stays pretty long) to give you feeling of fresh and energetic mood.

Dedicated to wet shaver, the cream which gives you rich lather  will not give you a single nick if done immaculately. Made in England, Since 1854 from creating high-quality products to creating quality grooming products utilizing the purest ingredients, They are in to this business for long years, and they know what they are doing and what their consumers want, they are delivering its quality service and has been established its name in gentlemen’s club as an elite name.

Gentlemen, make way for the well-known shaving cream among the shavers “Taylor Old Bond Street  Sandalwood Shaving Cream”. With Taylor Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sandalwood you can have shave like never before. The lather is so thick, blade slicks easily to give you a shave without gashing of hair which can give you cut or nick. Let’s learn what make this shaving cream to deserve its place on your shelve.



  • The aroma that will stay on your face with you throughout the day.
  • Create rich lather using a small amount of cream.
  • Works great with hot water pour shave for creating lather.
  • The drawback of lather is, it gets dry quickly.
  • Can Cause irritation on dry skin.


The Aroma

The fragrance of shaving cream that impress buyers. Every buyer has a preference for cream fragrance. If you want something sturdy in the smell, Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream is the perfect shaving cream.

It leaves its impact of scent on the skin after shaving process. The smell flung by this shaving cream is similar to a citrus and mint blend which feels cooler on the face.

On the other hand, if you are mild smell lover, this sandalwood shaving cream fragrance will not be your best choice.


The Rich Lather

The lather created by Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream is extremely soft and thick. The texture is soft and rocky.

Rich lather is a key to have a smooth shave without scorching sensation on the skin, the Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream do its job very well. Great lather makes easy to slick the razor on your skin which refrains your razor from gashing of hair.

Having best shaving brush and shaving cream together to create rich lather is teamwork here. There are several benefits of using  shaving brush, with best badger brush, the lather is created  so soft, dense and easy to brush up that makes the shaving process enjoyable.



The Performance

One thing has to be in preference that whether you have to go for a touch up again or not after several passes. After one pass itself your facial skin is enough moisturized to perform your second pass without having much volume of shaving cream.

This  sandalwood shaving cream leaves the skin so slick, you don’t need to apply shaving cream again with the same volume.

Note: You may feel a slight burning sensation if you have a sensitive skin.


The Life Span

This sandalwood shaving cream can last pretty long, say up to 5-6 months (5.3 ounce) if you are a daily shaver. The other factor to consider is which water you use for shaving, usually most people use more cream and water to make lather get thick and dense, this way cream get use more often, same goes with hard water,  hard water consist of high mineral content that will result in less density of lather, you add more cream and water to have fuller lather. Other drawback of hard water, it effects the razor drifting process which can make you tug your facial hair to give you cut.

Tip: Use warm water to have rich lather.



Is It Worth To Buy Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream?

4.8/5 - (9 votes)

Overall  in terms of lather and  razor slicking, the shaving cream is great. Even having few cons, and if you really want to try out this shaving cream out of curiosity,  you won’t regret it after purchasing. If you are a mild fragrance lover, this cream might disappoint you.

This cream suits almost all type of skin but just in case if you have a sensitive skin, this cream might gift you a small burning sensation which will diminish in a few seconds using quality aftershave. If you have a sensitive skin and don’t want sandalwood fragrance but still want to try this shaving cream, you can try their cream which is specially made for those who have sensitive skin.


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