What Are The Causes of Patchy Beard (Bald Spot) & How To Fix It

What Are The Causes of Patchy Beard (Bald Spot) & How To Fix It

Fix Patchy Beard
What makes you desired to get rid off of your patchy beard? Or why you want to fix patchy beard? the reasons are simple yet effective.

  • Having a beard is a sign of masculine and mature. people tend to trust you more if you have hard and rough-looking bearded face.
  • Every mature guy desire to have a fully dense and thick beard and why should he expect that? because the beard is a sign of maturity and fertility.
  • a recent survey shows bearded men’s are often connected with strong leadership and intelligence.


Why My beard is Patchy?

Before we jump to our discussion on what are the causes of patchy beard, keep one fact in mind, Thicker beard always appeared to be fuller. But, If your beard hairs are lighter, it will appear thinner compared to the person with a dark beard.

Patchy Beard

Here Are Few Concerned Reasons That Can Cause Patchy Beard.

  • Hormonal imbalance–  Balanced hormones in the body play vital role in beard growth. But, considerable cutback of hormones can Impact male attribute which may result in process of a bald patch.
  • Dental problems– Ignored dental illnesses can be the cause of development of a patch in the beard.
  • Mental changes– Mental Disparity and heavy stress can be the reason for the development of a patch in the beard region.
  • Genetic– The patch may be genetics.
  • Infection– Usually the fabled cause of patch in the beard is by Fungal contamination.
  • Deficiency of Vitamins A and beta A carotene which carries the vital role of growing beard faster.
  • Lack of amino Acid: Beard is made of keratin, it is a kind of amino acid.  The amino acid can be obtained from other sources like animal and Organisms which are rich in protein Eg:


How To Grow a Full Beard Without Patches?

Full Grown Beard

By now you might think that is there is a way to achieve fully grown a thick beard and fix the issue of patchy beard? the answer is 50-50% because not necessary that every method we mention here or on any other website can work on you and can fix patchy beard. But, there are certainly few but handful methods which DO work on almost all individual with success rate of 70-80%.


List of Few Proven Method To Fix Patchy Beard

  • Let It Grow

The longer you grow the beard the more patchiness of beard will be lost. I know it is very hard to keep patients from not cutting or trimming down the ever-growing beard. As the beard grow and grow the urge to trim it down the increase. But if you are much stubborn to diminish the patches and desired to have a full beard, Let the beard grow at least a month before you hold the razor.

After 1-2 months, you will notice the beard is grown at the notable view. You will able to see the direction of your hair growth of your beard where you can notice the patches.  Now trim down the patchy beard on your cheek and nearby jawline after a month in order to keep things tracked.

If you are pondering the issue of how to make the growth of the beard faster than I will advise you to use quality and best natural oil for beard growth Eg: Jojoba and Argan oil for beard growth. The less breakage of the beard hair the denser your beard looks.  Beard oil work as a dual agent. It helps in keeping the beard hair and skin beneath that hydrated and soften the beard hair.

Another method to those men who can’t grow beards, use Minoxidil to promote facial hair growth. Minoxidil is a medicine for growing beard faster which accelerates the beard growth. To know more about Minoxidil click here . Rome wasn’t built overnight so Just don’t expect the result overnight after using minoxidil. Use minoxidil at least for 6-9 months to see its effective result.

  • Intake of Fatty Acid Omega-3

Omega fatty acid – 3 is responsible for making your hair smooth and shiny and refraining them from getting dry and fragile. Also, Additional vitamins like A,B,C,D and beta A carotene are essential for facial hair growth too.


  • Micro-Needling

It is one of the methods to progress the patchy beard growth by using Derma Roller tool. It is a tool used for poking tiny holes into the beard area to give an indication to the body that you have damaged the specific beard region in order to receive collagen and keratin.


  • Balance Nutrients

It is worldwide rock line that health is wealth. IN case of beard too, If you keep track on your nutrient and keep them balance it will boost the hair growth of beard. Always prefer to use High quality of multivitamin for nutrient balance.


  • Close shave

Once you spotted the patch in the beard region it is preferable to shave off the current hair. Shave the patchy area perfectly close with straight razor or safety razor. Shearing off the hair from the beard region where the patch is spotted also treat the case of infection if any.  Shaving the hair give an opportunity to new hair that will grow in a healthy way and at the same rate as existing hair grows.


  • Remove Dead Cells

As the beard grows the chances of itchiness and infection are high if you fail to take proper care of the beard during the process. One major factor for infection is dead cells.

It is a very complicated process to perform the facial cleanse process to remove the dead cell when you have a full beard growing, But in order to refrain From the infection, you have to remove the dead cell. Using the Orange pulp to massage the patchy area of the beard twice a week can assist in removing dead skin cells.  Removing dead skin cells supply nourishment to the new hair growth in a healthy way.

  • Exercise

Dampness helps in achieving thicker bread growth. low testosterone results in slow facial hair growth. Be it at home or Gym, Short but intense workout can incredibly increase testosterone and blood circulation in your body which gives a huge boost to facial hair growth of beard.


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