About Us

What is XtimBlades All About?

Shaving is an art that required professional skill and edges of experience. Here I won’t  just promote the hygiene but will also post the articles with regard to gentleman’s etiquette method and proper guide to maintaining hygiene too.

The Reason I Created XtrimBlades

I didn’t take grooming and shaving seriously until I realize that the main reasons behind confidence are NOT  ONLY dressing well but also having clean and shave face. But the problem was I didn’t know the perfect technique. I experience a lot to get a perfect shave with perfect pressure than the blade. I hesitate to try techniques for shaving, as my skin is more prone to sensitive I don’t want to experience those cuts anymore, so keeping myself to try a new experiment on my face until I get into perfection was a  very gutsy decision, along with that I continue with my research.

Digging with my research, I find myself digging a lot more than needed into this subject of shaving and gentleman’s etiquettes. So I decided why not create a one stop destination to share my all digged-up information in form of article that may useful for men. In this form, xtrimblades came into existence.




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