How to Wash Beard Perfectly – Beard Care And Maintenance

Its been a few weeks already and you have no control over your hands which directly goes to your facial hair, dying to scratch hard to get rid off of that tempted itch!. Itching during the process of growing facial hair is normal, but if the itch is growing immensely, then it is the subject of concern and you have to sort out the issue.

There are the bunch of rumors when it comes to sluicing your beard like, Cleansing beard often is healthy as washing your head hair, regular shampooing will eliminate beard dandruff and proffer smooth hair. Daily combing will result in the balding beard.

Well, there is some misinterpretation in above rumors. There are specific rules to keep your beard hairs healthy. Let’s have a glance at how to correctly wash your beard and what are the things you should take into deliberation before and after washing your beard.


Why Should I wash My Beard Regularly?

How does it feel when the last night food stuck in your beard shows up in morning? that’s an awkward moment right?  washing face is the key to healthy face and beard.  Grease and dirt glued to your face should be eliminated regularly to avoid the debris of dead cells on your face skin which is the main reason for inviting bacteria and other foreign objects. This foreign objects not only adversely affect your face but also your hard-earned beard. Bad hygiene of your beard can give effect your beard growth.

Washing beard often even with simply plain water to keep it moisturized can give you positive results. Dry climate usually makes your skin dry eventually affecting your beard too.


How To Wash  Your Beard Perfectly?

Is there truly tips or routine to wash beard in a perfect way? Well, there IS.

Firstly, comb your beard properly before the washing process.  Combing will make it easy to eliminate the frail hairs during the washing process.

Secondly,  when you start to wash your beard make sure your whole beard region is well watered. Always go with warm water. Warm water opens the pores.

  1. Pour down the beard shampoo/wash on your palm and rub it gently until it produces a good lather.
  2. Cover the rich lather all over your beard hairs, and start massaging your beard hair. Once you sense the smoothness of the lather dig deep with your fingertips to reach your skin. It will keep your skin beneath your beard cleaned and hydrated.
  3. If you just started to grow out your beard you can rub it little more aggressively, By doing it, the follicles will be stimulated to grow the hairs more healthy.
  4. Finally, rinse off your beard with warm water. Make sure you don’t leave any residue of shampoo/beard wash. The residue of beard product in your beard can result in beardruff and itching.
  5. Lastly, once you did with rinsing off, now complete the task with cold water rinse and splash. Cold water will close the pores. It will give you fresh and shiny beard hair.


  • Drying Process

Following the washing process, use a soft, clean and dry towel to wipe off the water from your beard. Wet beard hairs tend to be more subtle, Rub the towel gently. Leaving your beard damp can give you skin irritation too.
You can use the dryer with MILD level alongside with quality beard comb for drying.


How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

Okay, now I have a beard but now I’m confused, how often should I wash my beard? Won’t it make my hairs thin? will it give me beardruff? Well, experts not only suggested but also recommended washing your beard every other day. Just in case if you crave to wash it every day, I advise not to use soap, alternatively, use just plain water. Soap will remove your sebum oil that your beard beholds.


Should I Wash My Beard With Shampoo or Soap?

So, you already reached half of your road of the journey of beard growth! Things start getting more concerning here like itching, dandruff, split ends etc….

Beard hairs require more attention and regular brushing to avoid it from getting those hair webs.

There is one mistake most of the beard growers make is, they apply the same shampoo to their beard which they apply to their head hair. Beard shampoos are Different hair shampoo. Beard shampoos are specially formulated and produced to suit your beard hair.

As I discuss in my other beard oil article, we have an enormous number of sebaceous glands on your face which produce some kind of oil called sebum oil which helps in keeping your hair shiny and healthy. Same goes for your scalp.

Your scalp holds so many sebaceous glands. The regular shampoo you use for our hair, wipe off the sebum oil from your head hair. But you are left with enough sebaceous glands in your head which keep producing sebum oil continuously.

Washing your beard with the same head hair shampoo can give you the worst result. Compared to your head our face holds less sebaceous glands. Supplying of sebum oil becomes harder for sebaceous glands as your beard grows longer.

It is Essential to preserve the sebum oil intact with beard hair to refrain from getting dryness, itchiness, and beardruff. Using regular head hair shampoo can give you long-term skin issue as well as beard issues.

Beard shampoos are created in order NOT to wipe off excessive sebum oil. It also assists you in keeping your beard hair away from damage, split ends, and beardruff.

People with dry skin should not wash beard with soap. It can give you dry skin underneath your beard. Soaps contain alkaline that disturbs the Ph level of the skin and also remove the natural oil from the skin which causes dry skin. Dry skin gives itch and irritation of the skin.


Applying Beard Oil Still Required?

The Answer is YES.   Beard shampoos can be used for any length of hair. Having beard oil in your everyday routine can work as a miracle. Beard shampoo help in removing excess oil but using beard shampoo is just the half work maintenance for your beard.

As you grow your beard longer the duty of sebaceous glands of supplying sebum oil becomes complicate. The further duty of supplying sebum oil to each hair is carried away by beard oil. Beard oil work as an imitator of sebum oil which keeps your beard hair healthy.



The conclusion is 50-50. Even though beard shampoo wipes off excess oil but as your beard grows longer and to keep the sebum oil intact with your beard hair, you have to use beard oil on regular basis. You also need to use beard shampoo as your facial hairs grow longer it helps in avoiding it from getting dandruff, skin infection cause from dandruff, and to have a smooth and shiny beard.


Every individual has different beard and type of beard hairs, not necessary the method worked for other will work for you too!!   



How To Wash Short Beard?

Having known, the shorter beard is way stress-free to take care of compared to long facial hairs. Beard shampoo suits effectively for short beards. When you want to have short facial hair you tend to trim it frequently before it grows longer, trimming your facial hair often lessen the chances of getting flaky or split end hairs or any further harm that is going to occur already get cut down[cured]. It also makes way for fresh and healthy hairs.

The only concern you hold having a short beard is Itchiness. The best cure for this is to comb your beard before you hop in a shower. A quality beard comb helps to resolve the issue of jumbled hairs and loosen the dead skin cell which can wash away with no trouble during shower.

Next, after a shower, put on the best natural beard balm to keep the skin beneath your beard moisturized.



How To Wash Long Beard?

washing tips for long beard

Longbeard Maintainance is quite concerned. Using shampoo and conditioner for long beard can wash off its natural oil and can make it dry. You should not let the natural oil wash off from your beard hair at an excess rate. Here are few tips to keep that natural oil intact:


  •  Combing Before The Shower

As I said above, combing your beard before a shower loses the dead skin cell and make your beard hair web-free. Combing also benefits in removing the fragile hairs that clung to the web. This all gets washed out during a shower. For best result comb beard using boar’s hairbrush.


  •  In The Shower

After combing, its time to apply beard shampoo/conditioner. The method found to be most efficient in keeping my beard both clean and soft is to use conditioner 3-4 times per week and shampoo once per week. Applying only conditioner 3-4 times a week will work effectively. Conditioner helps to remove the dirt and benefits by not eliminating the excess oil which your beard needed for healthy hair.

Avoid applying shampoo too frequently which can wipe off the natural oil and make your beard dry. But however, if you preferred to use shampoo, use argan oil made shampoo which is very natural shampoo with its properties. Paying little more on quality shampoo will definitely give you the amazing result.

After applying conditioner or shampoo rub your beard thoroughly. While rinsing it off make sure you have rinsed very well. The residue of shampoo or conditioner can give you skin irritation and may also invite beardruff.


  • After The Shower

If you are in the routine of applying shampoo daily, using the above technique you will start noticing the effects within few days. You will notice your facial hairs are softer and smoother and its direction is easy to control.

The reason for this is, washing beard 3-4 times a week does not wipe off the natural oil which is intact with your beard. As a consequence, the remained oil circulated throughout your beard.

Combing here plays the vital role. Regular combing before and after a shower ps in removing the dead cells and refrain you from getting itchiness.

To finish the routine, apply quality beard balm. Apply beard balm throughout your beard and massage it gently. Massaging abrasively will loosen the hair roots of beard which can cause beard baldness or patchy beard.  Once done, comb the beard to have the hair directions in control and you are strong enough to boast on your beard whole day. If you are residing In a dry atmosphere region, beard combing should be in your regular routine.


  •  Less is More

Sebum oil is to make your facial hair healthy. Don’t let it wash off along with shampoo or soaps.

Above I said to use shampoo only once a week, you might be thinking, will it make my beard dry? Applying shampoo or soap often can ruin your natural beard oil properties. The chemicals existing in shampoo and soap can literally dry your skin underneath the beard which can give itch, skin rashes and a coarse beard.

If likely, use a quality brush and balm regularly and you will see its differences within a week.


Wrap up Note

From the above article its clear, having natural oil intact with the short or long beard is vital in keeping your beard hairs healthy and away from split ends. Never wash beard often. Combing is important as shampooing and conditioning your beard. Never get settle with cheap products when it comes to beard care, cheap products hold toxic chemicals which will ruin your beard hairs. Go with warm water, warm water make the routine easy to wash the facial hairs.

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