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Have you ever wondered on how to be a well groomed man? Well, if you really want to fit in today’s society with respect, make sure you are well groomed. There are tonnes of magazines on grooming tips for Men. But Hygiene in Men is simple as math equation? well, think again. Gone are days when the beauty world uses to dominated by the female gender.  The official right of concerning about one’s appearance is no longer withhold with females anymore.  Today men are more proactive with their looks and appearance. Out in the corporate world, LOOK does count especially jobs like Airport, Front Desk, Modelling, Fashion Industry, Tourism. Men tend to spend more on their skincare and look. Today gentlemen’s grooming is very serious.


Personal grooming is foremost in gentlemen’s grooming, especially if you are running a business or if you are an office goer.  Personal hygiene not only makes you look good,superior, but also boost your confidence.  A well groomed man means who hold  perfect attire and perfect appearance which  magnets the positive feedback on you.  If you are working in a very high-class sector, personal grooming plays a very vital role, because it’s your appearance that speaks first.

In a recent survey, it has found that a person’s ability, professionalism, intelligence  judged by his personal grooming and appearance. Especially In the sector of sales, no client or customer wants to deal with a person with  less hygiene, lack of confidence and lack of etiquette. A perfect gentleman’s grooming impact positive on his client.

But not all men are perfect in handling the appearance assignment. Many men ignore the small but vital impact-able things which shouldn’t be ignored.


→ Gentlemen’s Grooming Tips for Men Should NEVER Ignore ←


  • Remove dead cell

Exfoliate your face every alternate day at night to remove the dead cell.  Removing dead cell  from your face make your face fresh and energetic.

  • Teeth care

Brush and floss teeth on regular basis. It removes plaque and glued food stuck between them which can result in bad breath. Get in to habit of brushing your teeth  before going to bed.

  • Smell good

Wear deodorant daily.

  • Trim hair

Trim your hair on regular basis have a hairstyle with minimal maintenance. Shampoo and condition your hair with quality product  to make your hair shiny and less fragile.

  • Well fitted clothes

Wear the  perfect fitted clothes. Experiment with different colors and texture that suits your color. To be  prefect in clothing, opt for tailored clothes. Tailored clothes for men gives you perfect fittings. It reflects your style of clothing too.

  • Trim nails

Always keep nails clean and dry. Visiting professional manicure once awhile is a good idea.

  • Invest in quality tool

When it comes to grooming tips for men, always invest in quality tools for grooming. Quality is always better for long-term investment. Eg: High quality shaving brush, deodorant Etc.

  • Wash face twice

A well-groomed man is always attentioner for this attire, especially for his face. Washing face before leaving to office and washing again after back from office. Washing face remove the residue dirt that glued all day on your face.

  • Neck Hair

Remove neck beard. Neck beard makes your appearance as unhealthy and less self-hygiene.

  • Essence

Just few spray of scented essence behind ears and on the wrist is enough. Don’t spray all over the body.

  • Many are too many for hair

Stick to one product that suits your hairs. Greasy hair creams or gels are unattractive. Instead, opt for the smooth and lighter creams that give a natural actualization.

  • Go with traditional shave

A gentlemen’s grooming is incomplete with safety razor shave. Modern razors cartridge with multiple blades can shear your hair beneath the facial skin which can result in ingrown hairs, Adapt the technique of shaving with Safety Razor that will give you smooth and close shave.

  • Smile with flaking lips

A happy smile is always a subject of attraction, but smile that carries the pain of flaking lips are less attractive. Use quality lip creams to keep them hydrated.

  • Overgrown eyebrows

Clean and perfectly shaped eyebrows make you a perfect measurable man. Shaping and trimming overgrown eyebrows is a perfect time investment you can make for yourself to make your look more professional.

  • Nose & ear hair

While having a great conversation people can notice your overgrown nose and ears hairs, which can put you on their ” Hairy list”. Trim them to avoid pop up of hair in an unwanted situation.

  • Unwanted body hair

Trim down the body hairs to the level in which they look natural, Get some quality trimmer with perfectly adjustable blades.

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