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Chill Cold Water Shave:- Kick Start Your Morning!!

Stockpile tinder and woods, fire, then stand there until  the water  gets heat up,  this was the process back in eighteen century to have a proper wet shave. Unlike today,  shaving with cold water can perform even if we run out of gas, It is a fast and time-saving process.

With cold water shave, razor tug on whiskers a bit extra compared to hot water shave. The whiskers stay stiff, accessing the blade to trim every single hair to give you a smooth shave. Unlike, hot water makes hair to bend allowing the blade to glide over them instead of trimming them.

Image Credit: Adam France/Flickr

Why Safety and Straight Razor?

It’s already studied shaving with Safety razor or Straight razor saves your money for long-term. But if you are opting for cold water shaving with Safety razor or Straight razor, then it will increase your’s blade lifespan  as well as add  few extra bugs in your pocket. The sharpness of the Blade edges stays sharp for long due to its shrinking of molecules feature. So, the longer the blade edges sharp, the longer you save!

Not restricted to just blades, It is also functional for a shaving brush. Cold water shave allows shaving brush bristles to be a bit harder than normal that minimize the chances of slipping off the bristles out of the handle in the midway of the shave and stick on your lathered face.


Why Should You Opt for cold water shave?

  •  Save More Money

Dippin or wetting the blades often in hot water loses their edge sharpness. Shaving with cold water gives blades more long life due to the shrinking of molecules. That keep the edge sharpness for a long period that let you enjoy your shave for  longer period.

  • Fewer irritations

The more passes you perform the more irritations you get on skin. Shaving with cold water gives you clean shave with fewer passes.

  • Fresh Skin

Cold water shave wakes you up from the yawny morning to give a kick start day. Warm water dries out skin quick and makes it look like swollen. Cold water shaver’s skin feels smoother and more moisturized as pores remain “closed”.

  • More Oxygen

Another benefit is, splashing cold water on the face causes blood cask to shrink and then dilate(Expand). This unexpected splashing of cold water makes the blood  to rushes in capillaries at great speed which enhances the oxygen and nutrient level to the skin’s surface.

  • Close Shave

Cold water shave makes whisker stiff and hard that make the hair stand right up front, allowing blades to trim them instead of gliding over them. This process results in better and clean shave.

  • More Pleasant

Shaving with cold water gives you refreshing feeling mood. It increases the blood circulation of face that gives your face a tough and clean look.

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