Top Common Mistakes Men Do While Wet Shaving

Having clean shave is one thing and shaving like a professional is the another. More men are opting for clean wet shaving over the beard. The complication of maintaining the beard and having the clean shave, both are equal, how? Well, many men are doing few shaving mistakes beforehand that gives them red rashes, pimples, and skin infection etc.

Shaving MIstakes

Here Are Few Mistakes Men DO Before & After Shaving


Poor Preparation

Preparing for something which we want to accomplish is always a sign of perfection. Same goes with wet shaving, prior to actually shave, it is essential to keep your facial hairs slacken. Slacken hairs are easy to shave.  Having placed a hot towel of warm water on the face for 1-2 minutes will make hair loose and soft that will give the razor easy access to drift.

Having the perfect quality of lather is one more vital step, quality lather will assist in reducing the burning sensation to your skin.


Using The Product Which Does Not Suit Your Face

I recommend you to use “Sample Products” for your first few shaves, if they tend to give your face very smooth and clean sensation without giving you any irritation, dry skin then goes ahead and use that brand without any hesitation.

Stick to your brand,  don’t keep on experiencing with so several products which you can get easily on the internet. Instead, stick to the best-branded product to evade further mar of skin.


Shaving like A FLASH

How much time shaving consume? The escalation in the adoption of electric razors is becoming an art and some men opt for that art just for time-saving. Well, to have a good shave, every time it is healthier if you give sufficient time. If you are into clean shave routine, Always relish the shave with pride. If your face required the second pass of a shave, just give it. Never shave in rush. Shaving in rush can give you result in nick or cuts.


Avoiding Aftercare

Simply giving few extra minutes to care your skin AfterShave can really give you the HUGE
difference. Caring about the shaving process is the most important thing you do. After shaving the skin is freshly open with pores and rip off version with dead cells which can easily get infected with foreign objects gifting you pimples, dry skin, or rashes.

The process is not finished until you wash of the face perfectly and rehydrate your skin. Many people just rinse off the face after shaving and that result is leaving the residue of shaving cream on the face which is bad for the skin.

Moisturizing and rehydrating the facial skin aftershave will accelerate the healing process if you had a cut while shaving.


Never Be In Hurry

If you hold sensitive skin, holding patience while shaving is a must. Take your time and take each movement very deliberately. Always go with the hair growth direction rather than against the grains. Never go against the grains if you have a sensitive skin.


Limit The Use Of Old Blades

Many people try to get maximum use of their blades. Stretching the use of one blade for more than 4 shaves can give cuts to your skin. For old blades, it’s tough to go through the hairs as the sharpness of the edge already diminished. Old blades dull edges while a slogging, can cause friction and give the higher possibility of getting cuts.


Against The Grain

If you have already studied tips on shaving, you might read about SWG, ATG. Many people insinuate shaving against the grains to get a charming and hygienic shave. But, shaving against the shave can give you ingrown hairs along with nicks and cuts. If you shaving against the grain, make sure you move you’re every pass deliberately, especially the neck area.


Rehydrating Skin

If you are shave fanatic, having nicks or cuts on the face can refrain you from shaving for few days. Moisturizing facial skin with aftershave is healthier for face skin. After lashing the skin, moisturizing face should be your daily routine which will assist in healing the nicks by rehydrating your facial skin.


Applying Too Much Pressure

Beginners usually garbled on wet shaving technique. New shavers apply too much pressure on the face while shaving in order to achieve a smooth shave.  Less is more.  While shaving bulldozing too much can give your rough skin with pimples. Due to heavy pressure razor blades to drift way below the skin than required giving you burns.


No Quality Shaving Cream

Quality matters. Using quality shaving cream does affect your shaving. It is very vital to moisturize your skin to unstiffen your strands. Don’t just shave straightaway after applying shaving cream. Let the shaving cream rest for a  while and shave it later. If you are using foam to shave, shave it immediately, Foam tends to get dry once it comes in contact with the air result in giving the rough experience.

Not Using Aftershave

After each shave, your skin requires to get shielded. Rehydrating your skin to support in healing if you have cut. Aftershave holds properties that moisturize the skin. Always use quality aftershave lotion.


Odd Angles Wrong

In general, many people grip their razor too close to their face. Instead, hold at 30 degrees and put just a little pressure. Holding the razor too close can mar the skin.


Shaving Too Much

In wet shaving , shaving excessively on the same spot is no good for your skin, shaving several times on the same spot can make your skin red and give you sweltering sensation. If there are few strands leftover, just smear the shaving cream and do it. Don’t shave without shaving cream on the same spot.

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