Complete Guide On Beard Dye: How To Dye Beard In A Easy Way

No fussing, hopping straight to the topic, Time has reached and you finally decided to dye your beautiful beard!!
But, before moving further ask yourself one question,  Do I really need to dye my beard?  The grey hairs in your beard popping out of nowhere making you feel older? Or the grey hairs depressing you by giving notification now and then like a smartphone when you see yourself in the mirror that “Lad, you getting old now” ?? Let me point you to certain points to make it easier for you which will clear all your qualms on whether you should dye your beard or not.

Listen & Listen

Now, listening to your inner soul does not mean that you have to put the stethoscope in your ears and start hearing your heart beats!  There are a lot of men who don’t even want to imagine how they will look when they grow older.  On the other hand, there are people who persistently trying and making efforts to stay fit, healthy and stylish as they grow older.  Question yourself, are you the person who wants to appear as a macho man? Are you the person who cares about your own looks?

Career Priority

Looking at today’s modern workplace, holding dashing looks and appearance matters. Though we cannot stop our aging process, but having the fear of getting demotion or loss in the business some men choose to dye their beard to uphold their look and try to keep their job status.

Accept The Fact

The aging course is constantly on run as you breathe. It is a non-stop process which has no control.
Just one grey hair is adequate to low down your ever-growing confidence.  People don’t want to look old, especially if you have a grey beard you be likely to look much older compared to non-beard growers.  Admit the fact, if you decided to dye the beard to make yourself look younger, you are one of those people who preserve their youthful look as long as possible and it is NOT any weird thing to do that. It’s natural to feel that way.

Change is the requirement

A little change in your lifestyle is always a good idea. Giving a little change to your appearance can give a push and motivate you to try varieties of things.  If you want a different look for your beard, you can have it colored in the navy blue or yellow or pink beard.  Coloring a beard with a different color can make you look exceptional in the crowd.

But remember one thing, every man have a different preference with concern to his beard, so not necessary or not mandatory to dye your beard if you don’t need it!!

Experiment New Thing

As you age, your face starts to show the sign of aging. And in addition, when you see the first grey hair on your beard, it’s very disheartening to look at yourself every day in the mirror which reminds you of your age.  If you are a bearded guy,  that can make you look older person than of your present age. If you want to dye your beard it shows you are the person who loves to experiment with your appearance and want to stand exceptional among the crowd.



Now, I assume you already figure it out the reason on “Why should I dye my beard”?. Next,  the very first thing you have to take into consideration is that the coloring of your beard should look more natural. If the dye color is lighter than your natural beard color, it makes easy to notice.  another consideration is it has two types,  one is Temporary and the other is Permanent.


Difference Between Temporary & Permanent Beard Dye

Temporary Dye

The one benefit you grip from temporary beard dye is, you can have variations of colors to pick up after the primary color fades away. Unlike the permanent dye, you have to stick with the first color you picked to Dye. Penetration of temporary dye is not as much of as compared to permanent dye. If you are the person with different color taste, temporary dye fits you well.  Temporary dye is used to camouflage your grey beard hairs. The beard is safe and has no side effects as temporary dye tend to fade away quickly without affecting much to your beard.

Permanent Dye

Permanent dye color penetrate deep to give their effective results. The permanent dye can last for weeks or even months.   Because of the use of hydrogen peroxide, the existence of dye remains for a longer period in the permanent dye. The one disadvantage of applying permanent dye is, it can affect your beard for a longer period, as the chemical present in dye stays for longer period n your beard to give your beard natural color.

Tip: Wash off the dye before going to bed.



What Color Should  I Choose to Dye?

Now here emanates the crucial step of choosing the color, which color should you pick to Dye?  If you are a  mid-age person, never go for present-day trending color, just flow with the trend which is classic and can make people remind you by your beard color.

People who are bald have no set of boundaries on choosing their beard color because for bald people any color can make them attractive.

Never color your beard with some “ light” color. Light color has high probabilities of diminishing away along with the washes. That will make the reapplying the dye process more often and can consequence in damaging the beard hairs.

If your head hairs are black then you can choose red, black, dark brown. A dark-colored beard is easier to maintain and results in lasting longer than lighter colors.


Easiest Way On How To Dye A Beard

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Having grey hairs is a sign of experience in your life, but along with that, it shows you are getting old. Many people are not worrying about their aging process seeing themselves in the mirror with those grey hairs make them remind about their age.
Beard dye is one of those solution which can make you look completely different with  immediate effect.


Washing Beard Before or After Dye?

There is two theory to this question.

Theory 1. It says you should not get in touch of water with your beard before applying the dye. If you do that, you wash away the natural oil along with water and the retention of dye works less.

Theory 2.  It says If you wash your beard before dye it removes all the dead cells and gives you strong hold in nourishing the hair follicles.  This theory claims the retaining of dye is stronger than the Theory 1.


  • Let’s Begin

The first step of getting into beard dyeing process is to have all the things well-organized on your table. Here is the list of the thing you will need:

  1. Beard Dye
  2. Rubber Gloves
  3. The applicator (As per your preference, you can choose a brush or small comb as your applicator)
  4. Paper  Towel
  5. Vaseline/ Mineral Oil
  6. Trace Remover.


  • Skin Sensitiveness Test

Always check your skin sensitive before performing dye. Many people are allergic to a certain dye. Mix up the dye and apply on a sensitive part of your body (Eg: Back of ears, neck, forearms) Leave it for 24 hours and check it after 24 hours.
If you feel some redness or inflammation in your skin then you just switch to other dye and repeat the test again.


  • Protection

You will definitely stain your clothes while applying the dye, it’s better if you wear some old pair of clothes as an extra caution to save your good clothes from getting dirtier.

Leaking of dye while applying can give you itching or irritation to the skin. Apply quality Vaseline or mineral oil to refrain from itchiness or irritation.  Guard your hands wearing rubber gloves.  Rubber gloves hold enough nimbleness and responsiveness in the fingers.


  • Preparation

Dye kit comes along with base color and color developer tubes. Take a small bowl and  Mix the two tubes well and create a paste-like thick mixture which will act as filler.  For applying,  you can buy a specific brush which is available to dye the beard.

Note: Avoid using a bristle brush to dye your beard, bent bristles are very hard to give proper dye to your beard.


  • Applying

Once the mixture is done, dip the tip of the brush and apply it carefully on your patches in up and down motion.  Apply the dye deeply making sure that its fill all visible patches. To avoid irritation and itchiness make sure you don’t let dye touch your skin in most of the facial area.


  • Appy, Wait & Test

Wait according to the allotted time given on the package description after applying the dye. Once you finish with the described time, do the color check by wiping off the small part using a cotton swab.  If you want dye color darker, reapply and wait for a few minutes. Don’t wait too long exceeding the allotted time given on dye package, the beard can take more color if you wait too long. Color will diminish on first few washes which is completely normal.


  • Rinse

Once you apply dye and got the desired color its time for rinsing. Rinse the beard with lukewarm water or cold water. I will recommend lukewarm water.  Lukewarm water removes the excess dye more effectively compared to cold water, again it’s just my recommendation, you can rinse it with cold water if you want.  After rinsing pat it dries using a soft towel.


  • Washing

The final step is washing. Giving the preference to the shampoo that is safe for color treated hair is always a good idea. Using hair shampoo can wipe off the whole color dye.



How Do I Maintain My Beard Color?

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Remembered how hard it to control your hands when you feel to itch while you were growing your beautiful beard?  Maintaining beard color is not much complicated. Here are a few tips below you can go through to keep the beard color intact.


  • Beard Oil

I have already discussed the benefits of using beard oil previously. Beard oil keeps your beard soft and smooth and refrains them from dye chemicals which can make your beard hair look rougher.

  • Beard Shampoo

You will require shampoo sooner or later to wash off the leftover dye after dying. Always use a quality shampoo that is specially made for color treated hair.


  • Keep Monitoring

Beard hairs grow rapidly compared to head hairs. Keep on eye on your beard hair after coloring, spotting few grey hairs after some time will require a little bit of coloring hand. A small touch up is not that time consuming, but it is essential to keep your beard colored the way you want.


  • Patience

Sometimes things don’t show up as we want, same goes with the beard dye. Beard hairs are replaced with the new one, don’t gloom yourself if you didn’t get the color you want. If you are using permanent dye,  wait for the new hair to replace the old one and start again, but if you using temporary dye color you are free to wash off the dye anytime and begin with new color. No matter what, don’t shave your beard!! so keeping an eye with its growth and texture is one of the important factors if you want to keep your beard color maintain.


Things To Remember


  • Never afraid on approaching the nearby the salon for Dyeing. You may get more information than you already have.
  • After Dye people will notice changes in your beard color, be free to accept their comments. Some people might poke fun on you, but feel free to answer them back.
  • Always start with a temporary Temporary dye is easy to wash off whenever you want. Maintaining the dye is like giving a commitment to yourself as you gave while growing the beard. You have to endure yourself from itch and irritation.


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