What Are The Differences In Between Shavette vs Straight Razor | Tips On Shaving With Shavette 

So you decided to move to shave with the traditional straight razor and you already doing research over it online and came with the result to start with shavette before moving to a straight razor. In this article, I m going to clear your doubts on what shavette makes different compared to a straight razor.


Let’s See The Difference Between Shavette vs Straight razor

Specifically, shavette is a shaving tool with disposable blade, either it’s fixed or folding blade which looks similar to straight razor if put on the table, but only difference shavette have is, it has a small tiny slot to slide in your shaving blade in it at the front edge. Unlike straight razor, you have to take care of its fixed blade which shavette does not require.



Spend more time to have straight razor luxury shave  but if you want to have that luxury shave without giving much time compared to the straight razor? Shavette is here, shaving with shavette buys you the same luxury shave without consuming much of your time.


Short Edge Width

Shave with straight razor, you get  fixed length of the edge to cover a wide area in one go, unlike shavette have the shorter edge.



The physique of shavette is smaller due to the use of disposal blades which are light in weight and are quite small. Heavyweight razor always gives you a good shaving experience. Straight razors are heavy , straight razor shave let the gravity do its work done, as heavy razor requires less pressure which can avert you from cut and nick. Lightweight razor is easy to reach to “hard to reach” area.



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Shavette holds a feature of the clipping razor blade into the spine. Some of the superior shavette have blade injector specially made for them to clip the razor blade in them.

Shavette uses the blade which you have to clip them in the shavette’s spine with the use of blade injector. Very rare shavette have the feature to screw it tight over the blade. If the blade is loose fitted, the blade starts swaying resulting you in having a cut or nick.

Straight razor have one fixed blade attached to its handle which is not replaceable and has to strop periodically to maintain its sharpness in order to have smooth and close shave.



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People are not willing to give their time in stropping and honing the blade as they give to a straight razor. Shavette saves their time. Shavette does not require any stropping skill. If not done in a perfect way, you may damage the cutting edge. Low maintenance is the leading reason people drove for shaving with shavette.



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Straight razor shave is an old technique. Some barber still uses a straight razor for their customers. In case of shaving with shavette, in the ancient period, shavette was used by barber just as a tool as a razor for a haircut and for shaping sideburns, nape hair of the neck, hairlines. Shavette is used by many barbers and fashionistas with concern to hygiene reasons.

Replacing half blade in shavette is the top hygiene reason people look when they enter barber’s shop. For the barber, substituting the shavette blade with the newer one is economical than stropping and honing of a straight razor. It saves their time and money.

Furthermore, Barber usually refrains using a straight razor, as it does not allow them to give more visibility to get accurate cut and shape and giving a touch up for beard or facial hair compared to shavette due to its long edge width.



Cost Effective

Shavette is obtainable at the good nominal cost compared to a straight razor. You will only shell few bugs to buy new blade (which are not that costly) when needed. Due to low-cost, shavette can be replaced with the new one if you want to buy the new version.


But Wait, Is Shaving With Shavette Is Problematic?

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Shavette is the most challenging razors that you could use. One slight wrong move and chances of sustaining the razor burn are high.

Vibrating of the blade while shaving can bounce you with an unhappy shave. Blade in shavette is thin and lightweight compared to straight razors that vibrate against your stubble and skin. In Safety razor it holds heavy metal against the handle that makes them vibrate less. In case of a straight razor, blades are heavy and large which can be just sharp, Grind’s thicker metal gives you every stroke more gentle.


Tips On Shaving With Shavette

Shaving with shavette is something which is less unforgivable. Shaving with shavette needs extra attention when you move your hand drifting over your jawline. While shaving with shavette you need to concentrate on blade angles and put NO to slight pressure while drifting the razor. To get a close and smooth shave, practice with a variety of blades. Every blade is different and gives different results. Still, with the preference, practice shaving for a week with each blade and pick the one that gives you a smooth shave.



If you want to experience shave similar to a straight razor I recommend you to shave first with shavette beforehand. The blades can be still sharp and can give you cut and nick on one small move. Learning steep curve is required to avoid getting an error from cutting yourself. If you really want to give a try for shavette, you can buy from here or read the review before buying.

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  1. If at all blade is to be used, only fools with more of time & less of grey matter in their head will go for shavettee against SAFE safety razors.

  2. Nice article, though i m not shavette fan. Once i shave with shavette but suffered lot of small nicks and cuts. The idea of moving to straight razor wiped out from my mind since then. I m happy with safety razor which i m very much comfortable.

  3. I m from denmark and i can say germany creates n o fthe finest shavette in world. Me myself is an shavette fan. Thank you.

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