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Which is Better Electric shaver or Trimmer? and What are the Difference? – Men’s guide

When its come to shaving, men always want a close shave. But still unaware about the difference  in between Electric Shaver and Trimmer and later they regret their decision after the purchase. This dilemma creates a baffling situation to choose between electric shaver and trimmer.

Instead of seeking an answer for which electric razor is best? at the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. To avoid conflicts we have discriminated both the preference in an organised way to avoid muddle between the choices and also we have focused on some points on disadvantages of electric razor and trimmer to make points more clear.



A small and handy machine which cuts the sizeable hairs without harming the skin is known as a trimmer. To get raunchy and macho beard shape, the trimmer is always the best option available.

It’s a multi-purpose machine that can utilise to trim pubic, armpit and chest hairs too. Shearing aloft the skin makes trimmer skin user-friendly. Unlike shaving with a razor, trimmer refrains us from putting pressure on the skin except for the stubborn area which gives the skin softness. difference between electric razor and trimmer

Trimmer accommodates two blades which hovered smoothly over a surface of the skin with a twisting motion to each other and when the hair amidst in them then its get trim. it is friendly with dry shaving. Trimmers give symmetric level cut with its adjustable equipment.


Types of Trimmers:

  • Bikini Trimmer: – it is used by women and girls to trim their pubic hairs.
  • Beard Trimmer: – Get stylish beard shapes and trim the beards as well.
  • Hair Trimmer: –  Trim hairs of any part of the body and can be utilised by both genders.
  • Ear & Nose Trimmer: – Also known as Nose Clipper, is generally used to trim nose and ear hairs.

Trimmer Cons (disadvantages of using a trimmer for shaving)

  • Shaving using trimmer gives you some leftover tiny stubble. which can be later itchy and gives you red rashes on the face.
  • Not convenient for the wet beard.
  • Cannot give you a close shave.

Electric Shaver

A machine with spinning blades which get close to the pores, to achieve a close shave takes just less than 2 minutes to get your beard shave. similar to the trimmer, electric razor too has adjustable blades. If you’re pondering to start shaving with an electric razor for the first time, then it’s a good start. Though many people complain about getting red nicks and itch on the face, it’s temporary. Investing little more bugs upfront is a good investment for long-term as electric shaver have good durability. difference between electric razor and trimmer

Electric Razor has developed a lot in term of technology which can be further divided below two categories:

  • Impede shaver head:  The hidden blades covered beneath the surface of the rectangular metallic foil pulls the hair to direct them.
  • Spinning blades:  Two or more blades spinning in high-speed motion. The blades are located in form of triangular way to accommodates the large area to remove hair at a time.
  • Flexible attire that makes them stand unique, and can be used to accurately shave facial hair, beards, moustaches, and sideburns.
  • Shaving with an electric razor reduces the risk of nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs.


Electric Razor Cons

  • Trimming hair not possible.
  • Due to its big size and heavy weight, shaving of sensitive parts is more difficult.
  • It  required more attention when it comes to maintenance and cleaning
  • Expensive as compare to Trimmer.
  • Not convenient with a wet beard.
  • Replacing the blades of electric shaver are expensive.
  • Although many new models arrived on the market that works with the wet condition, the majority of models are which cannot be used in the shower. They tend to be pretty loud.



At the end always choose wisely between electric razor and trimmer, after all its gentle men’s choice!!


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