Ultimate Guide On Choosing Right Badger Shaving Brush And How To Care Them


Shaving with quality razors and blades is just the 50%  process of shaving. Search for “shaving brush” in  Amazon and you  will see  hundreds of shaving brushes which can make you confused in choosing the perfect shaving brush. Many shaving brushes look similar but the prices are different. Prices  of the brushes depend upon the brush hairs and quality of the material use to create that brush. Shaving brush helps in covering the lather all over the face in a good manner and picking up the right badger shaving brush can give you the significant difference in your shave..

Why Choosing Best Badger Shaving Brush Matters?

  1. It Assists in producing a rich lather by whisking air in to shaving cream/soap/foam.
  2. Good quality shaving brush assists in soften the hairs  which makes the shaving process smooth.
  3. It is good in the exfoliating skin.
  4. A Shaving Brush slackens the hairs  which makes your razor to shear the hair right underneath them and shear the tough stubble.

How To Choose Right Badger Shaving Brush?

The Size of the Brush

There is really no big deal to have big size shaving brush. Smaller size brush is easy to rinse and accommodates small space in your bag to carry anywhere.

The Size of the Brush Handle

Having the perfect size handle of the brush gives you a solid grip. Getting a good grip on the handle gives you control over your movements upon your lathering. If you have small hands don’t go for long size shaving handles. 

The Knot Size

The hair packed at the bottom of the brush handle is called “The Knot”.  The bigger the knot, the solid the knot sense against the face. The bigger diameter of the knot, the softer the brush.

The Material of the Brush

If you want the feeling of the blood circulation over your face, then you should choose the firm brush that made of horsehair.  Selecting a super badger can give you a smooth gentle massage to your face.


Types Of Badger Shaving Brushes

Pure Badger Brush

A brush created using the badger fur is referred as “Pure Badger Brush”. This badger brush comes in variants like softness, flexibility, and color. Pure badger brushes are unrefined. Furthermore, the hairs are thick. When used with quality shaving cream or soap, as a result, this brush produces fine lather.  Shaving may feel little firmer, but it is way good than bristle shaving brush.


Best Badger Shaving Brush

“Best Badger” is those brushes whose hairs are more thin and pliable(Flexible). This kind of brushes has the ability to produce thicker lather. The hairs of the best badger brushes are reaped majorly from the animal’s pelt. The capability of producing high and rich lather when used with the best quality of shaving cream or soap.


Super Badger Shaving Brush

The term “Super”  referred as deliberately. It means the hairs of the badger brush that bundled up are picked up  “Very” carefully. These brushes are not spiky to shave. The hairs of the super badge are longer and softer compared to ” Best Badger Brush”.


Silvertip badger shaving brush

The hairs of Silvertip badger shaving brush come from the badger’s neck and the handle made up of expensive material that makes these brushes one of the costliest shaving brush in the market. Silvertip badger shaving brush is very efficient in holding the water for long, and very quick in whipping the foam with them.


How To Keep Your Badger Shaving Brush In Top Notch Condition

If you are into shaving brushes, it is important for you to take care this tool to keep alive for longer with perfect shine quality. Follow the below steps to keep your favourite brush in top notch condition to make you feel prouder!!

  1. 1.After each shave, rinse the shaving brush thoroughly, rinsing in warm water is more effective for the health of the shaving brushes, it preserves the brush bristle. Make sure you clean and wipe out all leftover foam or cream.
  2. As rinsing is important, keeping it dry is important as well. Every time aftershave makes sure brush is dry in order to remain healthy bristle. After washing keep the badger brush facing down so the water from the bristle get out and let it dry.
  3. Sometime after shave, we just wash the brush and place directly in the bag or box which keeps brush bristle wet for longer that affects its durability. After rinsing and washing the brush well, keep the brush in open space for awhile until it’s fully dry.

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