[Review] Dovo Shavette Straight Razor | Is This The Best Razor Ever?

Hey you, yes you gentleman!! If you reading this now chances are you are the one who wanted to try your hands-on shavette and you stumbled upon this article, right?  There are several reasons to make you curious to go for shavette that I m going to discuss further in this article.

If you are a former user of safety razor or cartridge razor and sought to opt for straight razor in future, then picking up best shavette razor for practise would be your preference. A true fanatic shaver is always in search of something challenging. Shaving with shavette is one of those challenge one can ever try.

Shavette clamps very sharp blades in its spine. One small wrong move can gift you with a nick.  Shaving with shavette requires close attention, and balance the movement of your  wrist if you are a beginner.

In market, as a beginner, there are lot of shavettes available to try out. But the real confusion starts when it becomes very tedious to pick up the best shavette. People usually buy the best shavette which is easy to hold and have full movement control while shaving, and also give them close shave with the long-term commitment. Today I m going to review you one of the best shavette which is making place in every shave fanatic’s shelve is DOVO shavette with stainless steel. Let’s get started!!


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DOVO Shavette Features:

  • Beautifully handcrafted.
  • Get you closer shave compared to your regular razor.
  • The size is small, which is enough to give you full control all o the moves you make while Due to the small, it’s easy to carry anywhere.
  • Purchasing DOVO shavette might cost you a bit higher, but this one-time investment can save you a lot of money for long term.
  • Blades are replaceable.


Who is DOVO shavette Manufacturer?

Since 1906, Germany based DOVO shavette manufacturer was into manufacturing of shaving tools like a straight razor, safety razor, and scissors. In 2013, they start concentrating on shaving tools and begin to produce a new range of straight razors.


  • The size of this shavette is comparatively smaller than other shavette in the market. The small size makes you have the perfect grip and control over on every move.
  • The lightweight is one affirmative aspect, due to lightweight, razor ensures you to give you a close.
  • Most of the shavette  limit themselves  in the use of the size of blades. The DOVO shavette pull short and long blades in its spine which let you try a different size of blades.
  • DOVO cares for their user, they come with a part of plastic cover at the end corner of a blade which assures you to protect from receiving a nick or cut.
  • Double edge(DE) blades are low-cost. They are easily replaceable with the new one. DOVO shavette use DE blades which can just break in half and use per shave. Which, in long-term saves your money. 


  • There is nothing to say negative about DOVO shavette, it is just the weight. Holding a heavy razor in hand makes you feel in control on your moves. Lightweight razor give you unstable feel.
  • If you are the person with big hands then this razor is not for you. Size of DOVO shavette is not much big, It could be complicated for those with the big hands to shave. 



Is DOVO shavette worth buying?

Personally, if you are just new to shavette and never tried before, then shaving with DOVO shavette is the best choice. Its lightweight, easy to grip, and have protected plastic covered at the end point of the blade to refrain you from getting cut and nick. The blades are cheaper which can save your money for long-term. If maintained properly, DOVO shavette can last pretty long years.  Just in case, if you damage or lost the blade holder for any reason, you can buy it online too. This razor is a great start for those who are planning to move from a safety razor to straight razor.


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7 thoughts on “[Review] Dovo Shavette Straight Razor | Is This The Best Razor Ever?”

  1. I have used this DOVO shavette its just do its job so smooth. If some people are new to this, this will give them a nick, becasue the edge sharpe of the blade is too sharp. Overall i like this shavette.

  2. Out of curiosity and having lot of buzz about this DOVO shavette, i bought it recently. I agree on the shaving part, its gives me really smooth shave. But I m 6’2 and hands are big, I didn’t like its small size handle which is pretty small for my big hands

  3. I don’t know why people boasting positive things about this shavette!! i bening using this shavette which i bought recently for myself, ever since then i m really getting lot of nicks which making me disappointment about this shavette.

  4. I used this shavette to give shape pt my beard. it works perfectly, I can look where the shavette is going and up to what reach. nice shavette I can say over all.

  5. My beard is thick after not shaving for 2-3 days, I was wondering before buying his shavette weather this will give me a smooth shave or not, I want the shavettte which will cut my thick hairs more efficiently without let me tug even a small. After buying this shavette, I did shave using long blades, I don’t like wasting time with smaller stroke so I prefer long blades. It went all pretty well actually, more than my expectation. Honestly I won’t be shaving with this shavette regularly, but still, it made the place in my shelf. The shave was really good. The longer blade last for 3-4 shaves.

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