Shave The Face : Which Razor You Prefer To Shave?

Remember your first shave and first Cut!! When you pick your razor for the first time you always try to refrain from getting nicks and cuts right? There are lots of razors to choose and every man has his own preference of choosing the perfect razor because for the FIRST shave. Sometimes, to change their shaving experience many tend to opt for different razors too. Nowadays to save the time many people go for the electric shaver or disposal razors. Let check out your choice!!

Here Are Top 5 Types of Razors That You Can Opt For Shaving


  • Disposable Razors

Disposal razors are used and throw types of razors after 2-3 shave that is the biggest reason the USA is piling up almost 2  billion of razor waste every year!!! These razors have a plastic handle that is glued permanently with razor head. These are cheap razors that are simply obtainable in any drugstore. These razors are great when you are a lot of travelling to save your shaving time. The fragile steel of blades is unable to hold their sharpness more than 2-3 shaves which refrain you from having symmetric shave and chances of ingrown hairs are high.


  • Cartridge Razors

 types of razors
Cartridge razor handles are either plastic or metal with a flexible razor head that shadow on your hand movement as you move.  Consisting 5-6 blades, the hair follicles get stuck in between the blades and demand multiple passes across the stubble leaving the possibilities of having ingrown hairs and irritation. The cartridge razor usually goes for 3-4 shaves. The replacement cost of the cartridge razor is too costly and can be hefty in your pocket.


  • Electric Razors

 types of razors
Similar to disposal razor, electric types of razors are very convenient to carry when you are in often travel. You can shave your beard with electric shaver just within 3-4 minutes. The Secretive blades disguise under the metallic foil pulls the hair to give you a good close shave. Compared to the safety razor, electric shaver does not give you that close shave.

  • Safety Razors

 types of razors
Getting back to the traditional way, If you desire a nick free shave then safety razor is the best option you have. A Double edge blade razor strikes on your skin to prevent razor burns and irritations. Double edge razor requires very light pressure in order to get a close shave. Safety razor has only one blade that slid over your face so the chances of getting irritation are less. Safety razors cost you anything between 25$ – 150$, though the upfront investment might high, but worth for long term. Getting the skilled with safety razor demands a lot of practice.


  • Straight Razors

 types of razors
A straight razor is the kind of razor that slip down into his own handle.  Permanent blades which require no altering. Handles come in varieties like Metal, wood, and plastic. The blades are stylish and tail size that helps to wrap the wider area of the face. If you are craving for the closest shave, then straight razor is a perfect choice. The razor last life long if kept in perfect condition. The blade requires occasionally honing to maintain its edge sharp. Shaving with a straight razor can give you nick and cut very quick due to its blades sharpness but requires a lot of concentration time and focus on achieving nick free shave. To get skilled with a straight razor it demands a lot of practice, focus, and time.


So, What’s your Choice!!

Feature Image Credit: Huffington Post

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