How To Use Shaving Brush & What Are The Key Benefits?

Did you know having one tool that you will need till last along with razor is shaving brush!! yea, don’t undervalue the importance of the shaving brush! Never! this is a tool that will create rich lather which can convert your normal “shave” into ” smooth shave“. As there are varieties of razors to choose similarly you have varieties of shaving brush too, now, let understand the working mechanism of the shaving brush.

I already discussed the important role in choosing a shaving brush in shaving journey, but to cut in short, again, the shaving brush is a bundle with few things, like a knot, loft, handle size.

The knot is the number of badger hairs that are bundled up and bind at the base of the brush, the best knot size is 24mm when it comes to a beginner which can give a good firm grip. Speaking about the knot size, the bigger the knot, larger the brush holds the lather and assist you in a wider spread of shaving cream, but the smaller knot gives you precise with the application of shaving cream.

Now, what is loft? the overall height of the bristles from the base of the brush to the top of the brush is known as Loft, many people measure the height of the loft from the top of the handle instead from the base.

Handle size, having a small handle size give you a firm grip which refrains you from haul movements while creating lather.  but still its a personal preference to go with bigger or smaller handle size brush.



How To Use Shaving Brush Perfectly With Cream

  • Wet your shaving brush with warm water. Warm water makes brush bristle more water absorbable. Remove the excess water.
  • Take a small amount of shaving cream on top of the brush.
  • Take your shaving brush straight to your face and start moving  in a circular motion, you can add few drops of warm water to create thicker lather.
  • Once you notice the lather is producing, use your razor to shave your face.
  • Wash your face with cold water to close the pores after your shaving session.
  • Apply aftershave to heal any cut or nick you got while shaving. Even if you have no cut or nick, still apply aftershave, it makes your skin soothe and keep away foreign enemies from your skin.


How To Use Shaving Brush Perfectly With Soap

  • Wet your shaving brush with warm water.  Make sure you keep the brush damp, don’t make your brush fully dry.
  • Pour a few drops of warm water on your shaving soap and start moving your shaving brush in a circular motion on shaving soap.
  • Within a few seconds of moving your brush, you will start noticing the production of lather.
  • Now, wet your face with warm water, just keep your face damp.
  • Take the lathered shaving brush starlight  on your  face and  start moving in circular motion.
  • If you want thicker or rich lather, add few drops of warm water in your shaving soaps and create lather and apply straight away to your face again.
  • After achieving the perfect lather, shave with your clean razor and wash off your face with cold water to close your pores.
  • Apply aftershave to keep you face coal skin safe from foreign objects and to keep it smooth and safe.


Shaving brush holds a lot of benefits, and there are some reasonable and effective reasons to use a shaving brush.  For instance, shaving brush works as pre-exfoliation which helps in wiping off the excess oil from the face, the leftover dirt. Also work as a time saver, money saver and much more. When you rub shaving brush against your face, the friction of shaving brush helps to keep your face warm and open the pores to give you a close shave.  Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of this awesome tool!


The  Benefits Of  Using Shaving Brush!!

  • Time-saving

If you shaving with the safety razor or straight razor, you already knew this process is a little time-consuming and don’t want to lose a minute or more in just creating lather with bare hands which will later leave you unhappy over the thickness of the lather. Shaving brush does this work with great efficiency. The size and texture of the shaving brush really matter in covering a wider area of the face, while the process of creating thick and rich lather is pretty quick,  its save time!!

  • The rich quality of lather

Having a thick and rich lather for shave can rock your morning start. But achieving thick and quality lather with bare hands? is that possible? At least I don’t think so. It’s like plunging in space with a car which will take you nowhere!! Compared to hand-made lather,  lather produced by shaving brush is much rich and thick, hence to have a great lather, shaving brush is mandatory.

  • Reach where fingers cannot reach

Shaving brush reaches every corner of the face. Shaving brush helps in lifting up your hairs and lubricating them on every corner and crack of your facial hair.
If you lather your face with bare hands you will see the lather is fully covered, but if you look closely, the bare hands fail to lift the hairs which are essential for the razor to have a smooth drift.

  • Thick lather

A  well-produced lather on the face can hydrate your face and give you enough lubrication that gives a smooth glide to your razor.  Having a thick and rich lather can only possible with the help of shaving brush. The thickness of lather fades away within a few seconds if created with your bare hands.

  • Exfoliates face

Getting rid off from the excess dirt and oil of the face is known as  “exfoliating”.  Exfoliating is NOT limited to just women!!, right? Many men are not into exfoliating until they know the real benefits, during shaving, shaving brush itself start exfoliating your face while creating lather in order to remove the unwanted dirt and excess oil which is an additional way to get a clean shave.

  • Enjoy every movement of the brush

There is a time when you have limited time and you shave in hurry and has to adjust within a short period of time. In this short duration, the shaving brush can make us calm. Ask how? well, when you rush for the early morning shave [self-shave of course] watch the shaving brush movements, listen to the sound of bristles created during each movement that you make while creating thick and quality lather. Once you notice the lather getting thick and rich you start enjoying even that “short” duration. that’s how shaving has to enjoy!! every movement!

  • Save money

Lather created by bare hands requires a lot of work around and over the face, hence, you will be squeezing your shaving cream more often to achieve the desired quality of lather.  shaving brush helps you to create a more rich lather with a small usage of cream and soap. In the case of shaving cream,  you just need to wet your face and add just a nail size cream to create enough quality of lather  with the shaving brush, same goes with shaving soap, just wet the brush and circle the soap until it starts producing the lather, that’s it.
Creating lather with the use of shaving brush obviously save you more shaving cream and soap compared to hand made lather which results in saving money.



The shaving brush is and will always related to shaving kit. Though there are no certain rules on not to shave with a shaving brush, if you want to achieve a great smooth and clean shave without any nick, prefer to go with  badger shaving brush rather than bare hands in creating lather.


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