Create Rich Lather With Shaving Soap and Badger Shaving Brush

Accept the fact, having a great quality of lather indeed impact shaving experience. A good quality lather is good for the razor that motivates the razor to glide smoothly to give us a close shave. Those who don’t know what is the difference between shaving cream and shaving soap let me tell you, shaving cream is “ready to lather” product. Unlike, shaving soap, we have to work up with a badger brush to “produce quality lather”.

There are a lot of shaving soaps available in the market which works differently in term of “creating lather”. Many shaving soaps produce lather in less time, where some shaving soaps take a long time to create lather. Every brand is different.

Why Is Shaving Soap A Good Choice?

Mostly shaving cream fails to keep the lather wet for a long duration on the face. Shaving soap lather remains wet for long that kept face skin more moisture and less dry.

Producing a rich lather using shaving soap is very easy,  but many people unaware that using a good badger brush to shave with soap can really produce awesome lather and make you definitely eager for the next shave.

Basically, there are two methods to create quality lather.

1:  On Face Lather
2:  Lather In a Shaving Mug with Wet Badger Brush

Both methods work perfectly in creating desired lather. Many shavers prefer to produce lather on the face as it is less messy and easy to handle.

Things You Required

  1. Shaving Soap. Always prefer to use good quality shaving soap.
  2. Badger shaving brush.  When it comes to choosing the perfect shaving brush, make sure you hold the grip firm so while shaving you get the right movement for your hand which is essential to swirl the brush while producing lather on face.
  3. Shaving Mug if you prefer to produce lather in a mug.
  4. A dry towel.

How To Create Rich Lather ?

  • Weapon: Choosing the best badger brush

Choosing a perfect badger brush is one of the most important aspects of the shaving. But why badger brush? why not synthetic brush? Because a Badger brush has the greater capacity of holding the water which is a great motive for producing a quality rich lather. While choosing best badger brush always make sure you choose the brush with the perfect handle grip, though its a personal preference, but still having a firm grip over handle will refrain you from haul movement of the hand. A good knot of the brush, the better the bristle. Other aspects to look in badger is height, knot, handle width.

  • Pre-Shave: Preparing brush

Once you did with choosing your suitable badger shaving brush, it’s time to make ready the soap and brush to shave. Pre-shaving preparation is vital in order to create good lather that will slacken the facial hairs to give you a close shave.

Pre-shaving preparation is vital for the health of badger brush as well as for you face skin. Pour the hot water in your shaving mug followed by the badger brush. Keep the brush in hot water for few minutes which will soften the brush bristles and motivate to hold the lather for a longer time.

After few minutes take out the badger brush from shaving mug and squeeze it, don’t squeeze too tight. Make sure you purge the excess water from brush but also make sure the brush is still little wet which will assist in producing the lather when you circulate brush over the shaving soap.

  • Strategy: Creating Lather

If decided to lather on the face, firstly, wet the head of the badger brush and swirl on the soap to grab the pre-lather on the brush, later wet your face with warm water and swirl the brush on the face with light pressure. Keep swirling the brush on both sides of the face until you notice the sleek and shiny lather taking place.

Secondly, if you decided to create lather shaving soap in a mug, wet the top head of the badger brush with few drops of water followed by pouring very little water into the shaving mug. Now, circle the wet brush over shaving soap until you notice the lather start producing. Plunge the brush in between to check the thickness of the lather. As you see, the brush holds the pre-lather that created on the soap, damp the brush directly into shaving mug which already contains little water in it, start swirling the brush in a mug for few seconds, you will notice the lather is much more dense and thick.

  • The Attack: Shave

Finally, shave as per your daily style.  Once done with a shave, wash the face with ample amount of water to remove all the leftover lather. Later, rinse the brush under the faucet and wash the leftover shaving soap. After washing your brush place the brush on a dry towel and let it dry for few minutes. Placing wet shaving brush directly after shave is unhealthy for brush bristles.

Lathering up with shaving soap and badger brushes demand little practice. Though, Immediately after your first shave with soap, you will notice a significant difference compared to shaving cream or gel.

Why Choose “Lather On Face” Method?

Preparing the lather on face save your time a lot, you have to just swirl the brush for few seconds on the soap and then brush goes straightway over the face, though it just saves you few seconds to minutes, its worth.

If ask me what’s the best method to have a good quality of lather?  I will prefer to go with lather on face, but personally, I give priority to quality soap and shaving brush.

Which Is The Best  Quality Shaving Soap?

You already learned how to get a quality lather using shaving soap, so want to give a try but not sure which shaving soap will work best for you? here are few soaps that are suitable for every skin and gives you rich lather in just a few seconds.

Choosing a quality shaving soap is little complicated, many manufacture hand over you a just bath soap in form of shaving soap that results in dry and irritation on face skin.  A quality shaving soap is rich in fat that derived from the vegetable oil which supplements enough lubrication and defensive layer to the skin when the razor slid over the beard.



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