13 Before and After Shaving Tips To Prevent Razor Burn Bumps


Razor Burn Bumps

At least once in shaving journey, Everyone has suffered from razor burn bumps the reason is obvious, the wrong technique of shaving.  But the wrong technique is not only the reason for getting razor burns bumps. The other reason is ingrown hairs which start growing inward resulting in irritation and itchy skin.

What is Razor Burn Bumps?

Reddish spots that appear on the face skin after shaving are known as Razor Burn Bumps. Razor burns are the small group of small pimples that visible on the skin surface.

How to Prevent Razor Burn Bumps?

  1. Firstly,  smooth and loose hairs  are  easier for shave. Have a  hot water shower to slacken the beard hairs.
  2. Ingrown hairs  are present  under the dead cells that stockpile on the face. Exfoliation of the face  helps to wipe off the dead cell and expose the concealed ingrown hairs to reduce razor burn bumps.
  3. Accord a change in a shaving brush can really matter, especially badger brush, badger brush reaches out beneath  the skin. Each whisker that leads to a smoother shave and reduces itching of the skin after the shave.
  4. Double Edge Safety Razor or Straight Razor shavers  chances of getting razor burns are few. But the chances of getting razor burns are high for men shaving with five blades razor, it irritates the skin due to a bunch of blades drive over the skin on each pass.
  5. Shaving against the grain really gives you a smooth shave, but you grant a chance to provoke the ingrown hairs and razor burns. Instead, shave with the grain to reduce the irritation and razor burn. Only the thing is you can’t eliminate all beard hair on one pass but you can save your skin from getting razor burn.
  6. Putting the perfect pressure over the razor while shaving can avoid the razor burns bumps. Usually, we tend to put more pressure on longer pass compared to shorter passes. Always use short passes with “liight” pressure.
  7. Preferred to use a superior quality razor blade. Shaving with Double Edge Safety Razor with the dull edge of the blades consume time to shave. Dragging a dull blade over the same spot over and over can result in razor burn.
  8. Before shave, sprinkle  of alcohol on blade will kill the bacteria to prevent razor burn. Bacteria on blades are the primary reason for the razor burn bumps.
  9. Wipe out the residue cream and hairs after each pass, this way you clean the blade and keep it hygiene.
  10. Open pores are more prone to bacteria. Rinse the face with cold water to block the pores that diminish the ingrown hairs.
  11. You just finish tractor you skin with shiny metal to kill the standing enemy, now it’s time to ground them in RIP and give no chance to awake for next few days, applying aftershave balm can give your skin a cool sensation that reduces the irritation and prevent razor burn.
  12. After your favourite shaving process, dry the blades and brush, these two tools are most important. Placing the shaving brush in a box straight away after shave can foster the bacteria and ruin you brush bristles.
  13. Shaving cream which is rich in lubricant and moisturiser reduce the chances of the razor burns. Quality shaving cream produces a rich lather. Having more lubrication in between the skin and razor help the blades to glide smoothly across the skin.
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