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Ingrown Hairs: What Are The Causes & Symptoms Of Ingrown Hair

No one wants that tiny pesky little bumps to give irritation to your skin. Ingrown Hair on face can make your skin itchy. It’s obvious, shaving is the best procedure to get rid of the unwanted hairs. Where the subject of hairs arises, the term ingrown hair arises there too! Usually, the ratio of ingrown hair on face is more concerned subject as compared to other parts of the body. But how ingrown hairs causes?

What Is An Ingrown Hair?

The hairs which grow back in curls instead of coming as it should grow. While the hairs are in process to grow it irritates the skin. Often ingrown hair makes an illusion of a group of small tiny pimples. They are painless though, with little visible red things.


Symptoms Of Ingrown Hair:

  • Tiny round bumps on the skin
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Tenderness
  • Inflammation
  • Itching followed by red rashes

What Causes Ingrown hairs And How Do I Cure Ingrown Hair?


  • Let The Hair Grow Little

Waxing is one of the best ways to eliminate body hairs but it is the one of the reason that can cause ingrown hair. Performing waxing on regular basis or only when needed works best to give you smooth and healthy skin. Chances of ingrown hairs after wax are higher. Often waxing can really slay your skin. In waxing,  usually 1/4 inch of hairs always preferable size that gives less pain during waxing. Any shorter than 1/4 can make it hard for waxing to achieve the desired result. To cure  ingrown hair always let the hair grow at least 1/4 inch so the wax can grip it firmly to uproot the hairs.

  • Tweezing Hair

Specific kind of hairs is more prone to ingrown hairs. Refrain from tweezing or picking  up with your nails to uproot your ingrown hair, that can cause serious affliction. The safe way is to use an alcohol swab and sterilized tweezers to remove hair from the skin’s surface.

  • No New  Razor

Holding razor too close to shearing the hair during shaving or often using the dull blades in razor can cause irritations which eventually result in ingrown hair. It is always advisable to use new razor blades to avoid razor bumps.

  • Tight Clothings

The friction of your jeans to the skin while walking inflame the ingrown hairs. Wearing loose clothes reduces the chances of ingrown hairs after waxing and prevent your skin from bumps.

  • Layer of Dead Skin

Stockpiles of dead skin over the skin can cause the ingrown hair. Dead skin blocks the hair follicles from opening which motivates the ingrown hairs.  Exfoliating periodically result in the fresh and healthy skin. Regular shaving of the face also is an alternative to cure ingrown hair on the face as shaving eliminate all the dead skin and result in a clean facial skin.


No Glycolic Acid In Product

Hair follicles that are blocked by the dead cells result you in ingrown hair. Using the product with the glycolic acid helps in burning down that stockpile of dead cells to cure ingrown hair.


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