7 Close Shave Steps On How To Shave Properly Without Switching Razor

People recommend changing the shaving razor if you fail to achieve a close shave. Cartridge user switches to the safety razor, straight razor or vice versa But switching to different razors will make the difference and will give you close shave? the answer is NO. No matter how many razors you change if you are shaving with WRONG techniques it will give you Nicks and Cuts. Razor is a just part of the shaving, but how you get clean razor burn free shave without switching razor??

Clean Shave

Points To Pay Attention To Get Close Shave

  • Ample of time.
  • Devising to slacken hair.
  • Smoothing enough to razor gliding.
  • Secondary layer that pulls up the hair follicles.
  • The perfect shaving techniques.
  • Restate rinsing with warm water if required.
  • An after-shave to protect your skin.


  • Ample Of Time 

How long you take to shave? Usually, shaving with cold water consume less than 15 minutes and if you are skilled in it, it will wrap up even in 10 minutes. Hot water shave consume more time compared to cold water because you have to wait until the water gets warm enough to get started. Also, depends on which razor you using, A  safety razor is less time-guzzling compared to straight razor but gives you perfect close shave. Straight razor needs concentrate time unlike, the safety razor is more comfortable and easy. (At least for those who are a regular user of safety razor).

Whenever you shave, just feel the striking of the razor on your face to enjoy the shaving experience. You have to feel the blade that gliding over skin to get that smooth and clean look. Roll your fingers on face after shaving you will feel how the process has paid you. Provide ample of time to achieve that smooth and glossy shave.

Create a routine for shave which can hold ample of time. If you have enough time at night, you may shave at night. For many jobs goers shaving in the morning is all rush-rush time so pick a specific day and shave.


  • Devising To Slacken Hair For Close Shave

Slacken your beard hairs before the actual shave. It makes your razor glide over your facial skin without giving any nick. Having a hot water shower before shave will soften the facial hairs. Hot water unblocks the pores which refrain you from having razor burns. Alternatively, placing a hot soaked wet towel over your face for few minutes can slacken your hairs. It will slacken the hairs.


  • Smoothing Enough For Razor Gliding

In order to lessen the friction caused by the razor drifting over the face. Apply suitable shaving oil before the shave. It will moisturise your skin. To prevent further skin damage, picking up the good quality of shaving oil is always a preferable choice. If you choose to wash the face before shaving then choosing the perfect shaving oil would be a good choice.


  • Secondary Layer 

Choosing a shaving cream which produces quality and rich lather adds the protective layer on your skin. Shaving with the quality shaving cream enhance your shaving experience. Choosing perfect badger shaving brush also play a vital role, a good brush lift up the follicle, generate rich quality lather. The brush wrath the cream symmetrically right beneath your hairs.


  • The Perfect Shaving Techniques

No matter how good your razor is, Shaving with the wrong techniques will definitely “refrain” you from getting a close shave.

Here Are Few Techniques Which You Can Adapt To Get Instant Improvement

  • If shaving with a straight razor, pull the skin tight while you shave “With the Grain”.
  • Don’t put too much pressure over the razor, more pressure will give you razor cut.
  • Short strokes work great in preventing irritation and razor cuts.
  • Concentrate on the specific area that required multiple passes to refrain from bumps. Refrain shaving twice on the same spot.
  • Make sure you wash the blade clean after each pass, it will remove the stubble hairs that glued on it.
  • Avoid using same blades more than 3-4 shaves. In the case of the Safety Razor, switching to new blades is a good decision. In the case of the straight razor, you have to keep the edge sharp every time you shave. Sharp blades give you more close shave.

  • Restate Rinsing With Warm Water 

Shaving “Against the Grain” can result in a close shave but the chances of getting razor bumps are high, but still, if you choose to shave “Against the Grain”, re-apply the shaving oil and cream, and drift the razor over to that specific area. Shaving oil produces surplus lubricant, wipe off the leftover shaving oil and cream with warm water. Warm water wipes all the surplus lubricant residue on the face.

  • An After-Shave To Protect Your Skin

Applying after-shave lotion defends your newly shaved face. Your face has just disrobed[undress] its oils and moisture. Refrain using alcohol based products that can give burning sensation to your skin. The burning sensation is the sign your skin forfeiting its moisture. Dry skin motivates wrinkles and results in the overflow of oils to repay, which can result in ingrown hairs. Bundle up shaving process with a facial moisturiser.

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