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Scheduling to travel via airplane but need to stay fresh as air? I would like to make it short, For a real gentleman, his grooming essentials are the utmost essential to carry with him wherever he travels. He should carry his grooming essentials in an easy way so he doesn’t have to wait at the baggage carousel at the end of the flight.  Here are few travel  tips for the real gentleman who is concerned about his grooming essentials while traveling via airplane.


Remember The Rule

The 3-1-1 TSA ( Transport Security Administration )  rule is for taking liquid weighing only 3.4 Ounces or below  is permitted with you while you travel by airplane.  Any liquid gel, paste, a cream which is above 3.4 ounces can be confiscated.


Less is More

Leave the excessive items at home. Don’t make too many item lists to carry along with you which will do nothing but increase your baggage weight.


Multi-Use Soap

Looking for your new bath soap at the destination place would be a hassle.  So it’s a better idea if you carry the shaving soap which can be used for a bath as well.


Shop At Your Destination

Don’t pack those stuff which price much cheaper at your destination spot. You can quickly buy those essentials at a cheaper price if your destination has them.


No More Clipper

Cut and trim your nose, ears, eyebrow hairs in advance of your journey. It will make you look more good-looking and smart at your destination place whether it is a get-together or presentation.



List Of Grooming Essentials To Carry In Your Travel Kit

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Toiletry Bag

Keep the bigger bags away. Bigger bags eat so much of space and look like a giant egg while you walk carrying them, instead buy a travel-friendly, lightweight bag like a toiletry bag that fits well in hand and makes easy to have a grip on it. Toiletry kit is nothing but the small bag to keep all your small space consuming stuff.

Below are the items which can be stored in your Toiletry  Kit:

  • Cologne 

    Want to smell like rotten meat or sweaty?  As soon as you get down from the airplane you want to smell good like a professional traveler, make sure you use some good and branded cologne. Always wear the cologne which smells very light and unique.


  • Teeth Whitening and Smell

    Want to catch a business conference or to be with your loved one once you get down from the airplane?  Give teeth impression with its white color and smell while you speak or talk.  Carrying a small bottle(3.4 ounces) of mouthwash is sufficient to give your teeth a brushing like a result anytime anywhere without the necessity of any water.  Or you can use the newest technology to whiten your teeth within in 20 minutes. This teeth whitening device is hassle-free to use and its blue light technology give you white teeth instantly.


  • Toothbrush

    Carrying an electronic toothbrush is a bad idea for two reasons, firstly, it is a space consumer compared to your handle toothbrush. Secondly, this kind of toothbrush is electronically made, if something wrong takes place you won’t able to repair it in time especially at your destination place.  Always carry a slime handle toothbrush which is light in weight and can be easily available at your destination place if lost. You can even carry 2 handle toothbrush along with you due to its very tiny space consumable thing.


  • Toothpaste Tube

    Carrying a small tube of toothpaste is no trouble. You can get toothpaste tube at your destination place easily anywhere. Even few hotels cling to stock in their room for their customers.


  • Dental floss

    Dental floss is a  skinny thread of strands used to eliminate unwanted food between your teeth where a toothbrush is out of its reach.


  • Ear Buds for cleaning AKA Q-Tips 

    The probabilities of conflicting of airplane signals into your ears is high. It might give you air packed ears. having a small pack of Q-tips with you will ease your ears on the go.


  • Lip balm

    Pick the one with a lightweight and small pack.


  • Wet Wipes for Face 

    Airplane travel can make you feel groggy, muzzy. Having deodorized wipes along with you can give you fresh smell face instantly. Face wipes also hydrate your face which makes your dry face fresh and energetic.




  • Shaving Blades

    Shaving blades are prohibited in airplanes but are permitted if you travel by car.  Carry your favorite razor along with you. Beard trimmer is fine and allowed to carry on the plane. Nail clipper shorter than 4  inches is allowed to carry on an airplane ( In 2007 TSA lifted the ban on common lighters).


  • Shaving Cream 

    Some hotels are very generous with their consumers by providing them a sample sachet of their shave cream. Grab one of them or you can carry shaving cream small size tube with a shaving brush.




  • Shoe Polish

    For brown and black shoes a neutral polish always a good choice.


  • Shoe Brush

    Having spotless shoes always attract people’s eyes. Carrying a horsehair brush and soft cloth gives your shoe a good spotless massage to shine.


  • Shoe Horn

    Shoe horn usually used to stretch the backend part of your shoe that assists in gliding your foot easily into shoes.


  • Spare Shoelace

    Having an extra pair of shoelaces always better if you have your shoelace snag o break.



Face Moisturizer

Airplane cabin air does nothing good to your skin, in fact, it makes you look tired if the traveling is long and include overnight in the plane. Just go to the washroom and wash your face and apply a good moisturizer that suits your skin type before you hit to sleep. A good moisturizer face always gives you a fresh face when you wake up.



Travelling like a boss is nothing less than king walking feelings, but make sure you always keep an eye on rules released by TSA to keep yourself updated. Above grooming essentials  that i have listed are safe to carry and can save your so much time when you reach your destination place. You can add things to your toiletry kit as per your needs.


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