Best Winter Skin Care Routine Tips Every Man Should Follow

Get ready to take care of your skin Gentleman, Winter is here and soon some of you will notice your nose skin is roughing along with the winter, lips are getting dry and chapped, cheeks are receiving dry wrinkles as if someone has printed train route maps on your face!!

In winter skin care is essential, especially for those whose skin is dry in nature. Dry skin tends to skin rashes easily in winter  due to less production of sebum oil which keeps your skin  hydrated in one way.

As winter temperature upsurge, many turn up their heads up with a question in mind asking “How do I care for my skin in winter?”. The answer to this question is simple but to carry out it on your skin care routine is hard which many people fail to follow.


How Do I Care My Skin In Winter

Protect The Oil

Natural skin oil is essential to your skin to retrain your skin from getting dry. When your skin gets exposed to winter breezes your skin gets cold and dry rapidly. To evade your skin from getting dry and cold, you can minimize the skin exposure and prevent them from stripping off your natural skin oil. Always wear clothes that cover your hands, mouth, nose especially if the airstream is blowy.




Having a glow on your face makes you look attractive. Exfoliating your skin once a week or every two weeks will eliminate the dead cells as well as foreign bacteria from your skin to keep it healthy. Pamper your skin in winter with some leave-on the mask or peels which give you younger looking skin.


Chapped Lips

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Licking lips in winter to keep them wet and hydrated will make your lips worst.  You can escape the discomfort of chapped lips in winter with little hands-on care. Dry air that passes through your mouth carrying away the natural moisture from your body is the main cause of chapped lips. Put Vaseline on lips each time you leave your house. This way you prevent yourself from chappy lips. If you have a habit of giving access to foreign insects in your mouth while sleeping (sleeping with mouth open) that makes your lips more chappy, in this case, applying Vaseline before bed is recommended too.  Hydrated lips are less prone to get chappy, carrying your Vaseline or whatever lip balm you use along with you is the best thing.


Cut The Time In Shower

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In winter staying under hot water shower is more pleasurable. But be careful, staying too long under hot water shower make your skin drier and wash off your natural oil.

Short the time you stay in hot water spray. It will keep your natural oil at level. If you bath every day, experiment on showering every alternate day, will give you a positive result on your skin which you will thank yourself later.


Drink Drink Drink

Medical says, drink 10-12 glass of water to keep your skin hydrated. In cold weather, people tend to drink less water, But if you are adamant on your skin care mundane,  gulp that glass of water whenever it is possible.

You can cheat your liquid intake by substituting water with juices and eating water contented fruits like apple, oranges, watermelon, etc.


NO Peeling OFF

Peeling off the dry skin will make skin condition worst in winter. To cure it, simply apply coconut oil to it, it will lessen the intensity of peeling and as days pass by, peeling of skin will stop.


Uplift  The Acids

Omega-3  and Omega-6  acids which your body does not produce itself to retain moisture. You have to intake these acids through your diet. Salmon, lake trout, flax, chia seeds, walnuts, and almonds are the nutrients that contain this rich acid.


Shave  Good

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Shaving in winter for dry skin people is a big disaster. There is the terror of getting a nick on dry skin.  Shaving out perfectly in winter can be achieved only with the use of the perfect product and perfect technique.

Refrain using a disposable razor in winter.  Buy some standard quality of safety razor or straight razor. The reason to use safety or straight is simple, these razors give close and fast shave with minimum passes which make your winter skin suffer less.

For shave,  use warm water. Warm water open skin pores and  smooth your hair which makes razor easy to glide through your facial hair.


Dress For Skin

Cold wind touch to your skin results in you in dry, redness and irritation to the skin.  The solution for this, wear tight weave of shirt or sweater which will be softer and give you less irritation.  The clothes which come directly in touch with your skin is best which is made up of natural fiber, cotton, and synthetic fiber like polyester.

Collar and cuff area are more prone to flaky skin. Given to that, Seek for the shirts which are best textured at collar and cuffs.



We all know moisturizer play a vital role for your face dryness, aging and skin roughness. In winter be specific while picking up your product,  look for the ingredients that hold the moisturizer for a longer period and defend you from chapping and flaking of the skin. One thing to remember, Whichever product you use for winter, make sure you notice the below ingredients in them to give you fully moisturized skin.


  • Humectants 

    water is essential for your skin, the more water body has the more it is good for skin to keep it hydrated and fresh,   For external water properties make sure your product has humectants in it which includes glycerin, glycols, sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid.

  • Antioxidants

    Free radicals are the molecules that harm the cell. Green tea, vitamin E and coffeeberry include antioxidants.



  • EmollientsLook for this ingredient which includes mineral and plant oil. Avoid using petroleum products which can result in giving breakouts, inflammation, and dehydration.  Plant oil holds Emollients which penetrate into the skin quickly resulting longer hydration and also grips vitamins to preclude skin from winter dry winds.


  • SPFTo preclude your skin from UV rays which gives your skin dark spots.


With the above tips, you will able to keep your skin good-looking and healthy. No matter what but having regular exfoliation and moisturizer will benefit your skin.



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