Guidelines To Shave With The Grain : Mapping The Facial Hair Growth

Are you aware of  WTG, ATG, XTG  terms related to Shaving World? Shaving community is growing rapidly due to the hygiene and cautious about the one’s looks! If you are shaving fanatic then these are the abbreviations you must learn. To Shave with the grain or shave against the grain are the two factors which have a vital role in giving you a close shave. We already discuss the tips of before and after shaving to prevent razor burn bumps in our previous article so let’s discuss more in depth about how the terms related to shaving:

With the Grain Shave (WTG)
Against the Grain Shave (ATG)
Shave Across the Grain (XTG)
Shaving Pass –  A complete one full stroke that use to shave the hairs in one go.

How To Find The Direction Of The Grain

Traditional shave with a safety razor is the preferable choice to avoid cuts and nicks. But still, you have to understand the direction of the facial hair to get a smooth shave. Begin with growing the beard for 3-5 days until it shows up as dark and visible stubble. The easiest way to find the direction of the grain is to feel the grains with your fingers.  The feeling is smooth when you run your fingers With the Grains.  Unlike, the feeling is scratchy when fingers run Against the Grain.

Shave with the grain


According to the survey, Moustache hairs and the chin area hairs usually grow downward. Neck hairs usually grow upward and centre of the throat. When you shave, pay more closer attention to the hairs that changes its direction. You will probably see the change of hair growth direction appear nearby jawline. If you behold, both sides of your face, you may see the hairs are not proportional, so you need to deliberately chart the respective sides. Prior to each stroke, make sure to check the grain direction with the fingers,  run the fingers to ensure that you are shaving  “With the Grains”.

Shaving with the quality Safety Razor is another alternative to less skin irritation and razor bumps suffering. Safety razors drift over the skin to achieve a very comfortable shave. Ensure the blade of your razor is always sharpened to easily shear the hairs.


Tips and Guidelines  To Shave With The Grain

With right techniques shave with the grain can give you less razor burn bumps and fewer cuts. Unlike, shaving  Against the Grain can achieve you a close shave but the chances of getting cuts and nicks are high. The Across the Grain pass will be somewhere in between these two patterns (WTG and ATG).

  1. Most Newbies to shaving struggle with irritation and razor burn, so to shave with the grain  (WTG) is always a good choice.
  2. Perform multitudinous passes to minimise the length of your the facial hair.
  3.  Preferably shave with the grain and later heading for more energetic passes only if needed is always a good choice.
  4. It’s vital to concentrate and take the time to study your face in order to achieve a close, razor burn-free shave.
    If performing Against the Grain give you minimum cuts and irritation then you can go for it.
  5. If you hate to shave With the Grain and still want to achieve close shave as Against the Grain, it is still possible, Just Lather your face for one more pass and glide the razor over the area which you feel the hairs are more against the grains.

Expert Tip: Shavin “With the Grain”  is the most comfort  way to get a comfortable and close shave. Shaving  “Against the Grain” assured you to get close shave but the risk of getting cuts and razor burns bumps are higher.

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